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Possibly coming back to the UK

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by andrewboulind, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. andrewboulind

    andrewboulind New commenter

    Dear Theo:

    I am a bit lost at the moment as to what might be the best way forward. I have been teaching for almost 25 years with 20 of those in Spain, In international, British and Spanish Schools. I have also taught back in the UK in independent Preparatory Schools for 5 years. As I am sure you know Spain has gone through a pretty bad recession in the last few years, with my wife and I lucky enough to have been in paid employment in Spanish Schools.

    We are at point where our eldest child is about to go to University (We have 3 children, 17.15 and 9). Job prospects are poor here in Spain for graduates and we ourselves are unable to improve our current salaries due to wage cuts and the Spanish teacher's wage structure.

    We are contemplating coming back to to the UK, Either England or Scotland (where I am from). I have QTS and my wife is a Spanish Primary School teacher. I have begun applying for posts for next year, and had one interview so far. We are both 48 years old.

    What would be my best way back into education in the UK? I would like to try and get a promoted post. I have kept up with professional development here in Spain and online.

    I would be most grateful for any ideas you might have!

    Many thanks Andrew
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I see that you are using your real name as your login name. Most people prefer anonymity. You cannot change this yourself, but you can e-mail the TES staff to get it changed.

    Send an e-mail to. TES.Community@tesglobal.com

    Choose another log-in name first. Test if it already exists by starting to type it with a @ in front in a reply box. You can delete it after, no need to actually post it!

    So for example if I try @Duke , the name "Duke of York" comes up, so I know I cannot choose that.

    Now for your question.

    Coming back will not be easy, I must tell you. Especially as you are not teaching in a British curriculum school. A promoted post would be out of the question, I believe, because of your lack of familiarity with and experience of recent developments in Primary education here in the UK.

    And since I actually have current experience (well, I was most recently teaching in a CEIP last Wednesday!) of teaching Primary in Spain, I can tell you that Primary in Spain and Primary in UK are two completely different kettles of fish.

    This is not what you want to hear, I know. However, you have had one school interested in your application, so all is not lost! I suggest that you start by reading this article:

    Returning to the UK after teaching abroad

    Having read it, think about how to emphasise the aspects of your experience that could balance out your lack of recent relevant experience in the UK.

    Best wishes

    P.S. Yes, it is true - I was teaching quinto and sexto last Wednesday.


  3. andrewboulind

    andrewboulind New commenter

    Many thanks for your comments Theo. I have been over 25 years here with 5 years back in the UK, and although I have held promoted posts here in British and Spanish Schools, You are totally right about fact that I will not have knowledge of recent curriculum developments etc. I will take a look at the thread you sent as well.

    many thanks for the advice on usernames!!

    Kind Regards Andrew
  4. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    Scotland is crying out for teachers and just before I retired I taught with two teachers who had come from and indeed trained in other parts of the EU. It could well be that you would start at the bottom of the payscale. It might be worth contacting the GTCS.
  5. andrewboulind

    andrewboulind New commenter

    Many thanks for your comments. I was thinking of Scotland as I am from there originally. trained there and have family there. I had an interview 10 days ago there for a Depute head post, which I didn't get. They said I had done a good interview, but lacked the up to date knowledge (although I had read up and prepared well). One of the heads who interviewed mentioned that possibility and he told me to look at principal teachers' posts.

    I have begun looking at the serious possibility of coming back to the UK, Scotland in particular. My wife is a qualified Spanish Primary teacher, who speaks 5 languages including English. I was a bit surprised that none of my years here in Spain in Spanish and British Schools would count for anything on the salary scales. I have begun registering myself with the GTCS.

    Many thanks once again for your helpful comments.


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