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Possible support plan - advice needed

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Ivesy, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Ivesy

    Ivesy New commenter

    I can't stop thinking about this and its ruining my weekend so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    There's a work scrutiny at school next week. I'm concerned my books won't be up to scratch due to things happening in school which have diverted my attention. I fought the pay progression decision and recently it was over turned. This has changed my view of the school and teaching. In an ideal world I'd like to move to another school by September. By fighting this I think I have annoyed the SLT and they have made life harder already.

    I've passed all other work scrutinies so they don't have historical evidence.

    1. Can I be put on a support plan based on 1 scrutiny?
    2. Do my work scrutinies/observations/support plan follow me into another school or is it a clean slate?
  2. Teslasmate

    Teslasmate Occasional commenter

    1) If the school wish to, they can put you on a support plan at any time for any reason or none. One colleague of mine was told directly that they don't need any evidence. It is entirely at the whim of management.
    2) It depends. They shouldn't, but it depends how vindictive your management are. What does go on references is formal capability. Informal capability / support (which are the same thing) are a grey area.

    If you are threatened with support, be sure to fight it. Union. Argue. No quiet chats. Email queries about comments in corridors. Record everything. Do not rely on anyone in school. Send copies of everything to a home email address the school can't access. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  3. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    1. No
    2. Only if you get to a formal capability stage, should a new employer even know you were on a support plan
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  4. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    If your books are found wanting they may start drop ins/observations. Or they may request another scrutiny in a couple of weeks. Some on here have written of support plans suddenly instigated, and if that happens you need a regional union rep notified straight away. But there is no historical evidence. If you fail two book scrutinise in a row and observations, possibly.
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  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    If you know the scrutiny is happening and it bothers you this much, why don't you sort out the books before then?
    Make it your top priority.

    Saying 'my books aren't up to scratch because I've been busy fighting with SLT' isn't a great idea.
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  6. SCAW12

    SCAW12 Occasional commenter

    I agree with post above. It will sound like excuses. As a professional, you are expected to abide by the school's marking policy - no exceptions. All teachers are extremely busy, always and it is about being organised and prioritising.
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  7. FredfromFrance

    FredfromFrance New commenter

    At least you are getting prepared for the possibility and can now weather the initial shock of being told about a support plan which will actually give you an advantage in the battle.

    When I joined the C Club it was totally out of the blue. I was being told that I was doing a brilliant job and I could see that my students were making progress, despite the huge challenges that were in my way. When I was called into the office it was under the pretence of something completely different.

    You can imagine the shock that I suffered when I was suddenly told about how 'awful' I was and that immobilised me for quite some time and I never had the psychological advantage. It's kind of the same strategy as a Blitzkrieg.

    You are right to be prepared.

    Some friendly advice:

    -as said above, record EVERYTHING and know that you cannot trust anyone. Snakes in the grass will suddenly appear!
    -don't ever agree to their narrative. As soon as you start thinking 'yes, maybe I do deserve this' then they've won
    -take the initiative: formally request the relevant policies and refuse all meetings until you have representation
    -the likelihood of you not getting ill from stress will be slim, so prioritise health
    -accept that you'll need a new school

    however, things might be fine!
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  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Or working all weekend just before such nonsense activities as book scrutinies in order to give the impression that 'Of course my books always look like this. Honest.'
  9. Teslasmate

    Teslasmate Occasional commenter

    This is part of the problem. No one can keep up with the marking expectations in some schools. Pretending you can by gaming the system makes it easier for them to say it's fine. See, Mr/s X does it, so everyone can. Never mind the fact that marking is irrelevant to learning, and that it's a crushing sisyphean task.
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  10. Braindead101

    Braindead101 New commenter

    I agree with caterpillartobutterfly.
    Of course, my books are always marked up to date :rolleyes: but if they weren't and I knew there was a book scrutiny going on, I'd be taking a pile home each night and sorting them.
    It's impossible to scrutinise every book - is there a focus that you are aware of? If so, those books become your priority.
    Following the book review, assuming they SLT find a problem, I would hope that their first step would be to say to you, sort the books out, we're coming to have another look. It's unreasonable to point out a problem, then not allow you the opportunity to fix it.
    Anyway, I better get back to those books!
  11. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

  12. Progressnerd

    Progressnerd Occasional commenter

    To be honest you can only make books 'look good' if the pupils are seen to respond to your feedback. That means getting every single pupil to respond somehow.

    If you take books home and mark them to death you will still get pulled up if the pupils don't interact with it.

    Is this right? No. But it means you can't really play that game now.

    That's why teaching has become unsustainable because SLT know they can catch you out at any time if they wanted to. Even if they suddenly say we want to see year 8 books next week, if you have been struggling with that class and letting things slip due to all the other things you have to do then there's nothing you can do.

    This is why I don't get when colleagues stay up all night ''marking' books for a scrutiny or for Ofsted. Both have already made up their mind so you might as well hand your books in as they are and plan your escape rather than putting energy into something that's already been decided.
  13. Foux da fa fa

    Foux da fa fa New commenter

    I got on a support plan because my face doesn’t fit anymore. I have requested as much support as possible and insisted on observing ‘expertise’ delivered by SLT. If it happens to you, insist on looking at the books of SLT. If it’s snything like the hypocrisy at my school, I bet they won’t even be marked. Take photos. Record everything. Even just for your own sanity.
  14. Ivesy

    Ivesy New commenter

    I am planning on getting them sorted before the scrutiny however it may still not be good enough.

    Thank you for your supportive comment.

    Thank you to all responses for your helpful advice.
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  15. tenpast7

    tenpast7 Occasional commenter

    Trouble is SLT might only Teach a couple of hours a week.
  16. Foux da fa fa

    Foux da fa fa New commenter

    Slt do only teach a couple of hours a week at our place. Still their books are not marked. They should be on support plans.
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  17. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    On a 'support' plan because of a book scrutiny ...the work of STUDENTS! Good grief!

    Beware of names. I have also heard coaching plan and even no name at all.. just some "advice" which they can then claim was 'informal capability support.'

    Yes they can. I heard of a case where a decision was taken to start the 'support' plan then they had to root around for 'evidence.'
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  18. sugaflowa

    sugaflowa New commenter

    I have been put on phase one capability, and I have asked for Voluntary Redundancy ( the head has offered this to staff as we are in a deficit). What happens if the Head refuses to give it to me, what other options do I have?

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