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* * * Possible interview questions * * *

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by dizzymai, May 12, 2009.

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  1. For context,
    this question is considered extremely unprofessional in all but the most cut-throat interview environments and good companies train their employees NOT to ask it. (I've conducted software engineering and management consulting interviews in a previous job).
    I'm hoping schools will come to the same conclusion.
  2. Sorry, I left out the question, it was "What are your weaknesses", from earlier in the thread.
  3. <h1>Teaching Interview Questions</h1> <u>Suitability to the role</u>What are your core strengths?What are your curriculum strengths?What are your weaknesses?What would we see if we came into your classroom?What are your interests within teaching?What can you bring to the role that other candidates may not bring?Why did you choose to teach this particular age range?Why did you apply for this particular role?
    Tell us about yourself.What type of person are you?What do you like to do with your spare time?What is your approach to life?How would you cope with stress?How would your 'class' describe you?What are the 3 most important qualities needed to be a good teacher? &hellip; Whi= ch of the 3 you have mentioned is your weakest and what are you doing to impro= ve?If you got this job, what difference would have made after 1 term? &hellip; after 1 year? <u>The school and staff</u>What makes a successful school?What can you bring to the department?When have you been part of a team?How have you handled change?Do you think it is important to involve children in school activities/decisions? If yes,= why?How do you feel about parent helpers in the classroom?How would you work with a teaching assistant in your classroom? Do you find it difficult working alongside older, more experienced staff?= What is the most difficult piece of feedback you have ever had to give, and why?= How would you react if a senior member of staff queried or criticised some aspe= ct of your teaching?How do see the role of the school governors? How can you work with the school governors?What importance do you attach to co-operation with colleagues, such as those who= are teaching parallel classes?How would you cope with a lack of enthusiasm from colleagues? How would you deal with issues with colleagues?What do you see your role as in the school team?What is your impression of this school/organisation?How could you contribute to the extended schools programme? Why do you want to work at this school?Looking at the school data, what could you interpret from it? What are we doing well at? What are our strengths and weaknes= ses?What could you offer us as a school, and what would you want from us as a school= ?Why teaching? Why this school?What are the biggest challenges facing schools at the moment?<= /p> What is the key to a successful job share? &hellip; How would you reassure parents the two teachers would not be a problem? <u>Teaching and learning</u>What are the important things to consider when setting up a classroom?What is your understanding of high-quality teaching and learning?How have you implemented educational theory in your lessons?<= /p> Describe the teaching method you find most effective.How would you ensure depth of learning?Describe a good lesson.Tell us about an effective lesson - What was it? Why was it good? What would you have changed?<= /o:p>What has been your worst/best lesson?Describe a lesson that did not go well. What were the reasons for this?How do you deal with a disaffected pupil?If I came into your classroom, what would I see?If I were to look at your planning, what would I see?How would you organise teaching and learning for a mixed-age group?<= /span>Also, what differentiation do you use?Do you differentiate by outcome or task?Tell us how you differentiate for lower ability Tell us how you differentiate for more able students.What level would you give this child's writing?What did you notice as the child's strengths and weaknesses? What targets would you set for this child?What forms of assessment do you use in your classroom?Describe a positive learning environment.How would you help children work more independently?What does a creative curriculum mean to you and what experience do you have of t= his?How can you ensure that EAL children are supported? <u>Ensuring progress</u>How do you ensure all children are involved?How do you assess children's progress?How would you use data to track pupils&rsquo; performance and then use this in = your planning?How do you assess and record your children's progress?What assessment strategies would you use? What is assessment for learning?What do you know about APP and AfL?= What AfL do you use in your class?<= /p> How do you use data, and APP? Give some examples of how you have/will use them = in your lessons and schemes.Tell us about your experience of assessment for learning and assessment of learn= ing.How would you describe an outstanding lesson in your subject?= How would you motivate a reluctant child?How would you meet the needs of gifted and talented children in the class?= Have you had experience of a very high attaining and very low attaining child in your class?How do you identify a child with SEN?What strategies do you use to manage children with special educational needs? What would you do if a parent complained that their child's attainment was suffe= ring because of a SEN child? What if they went on to = accuse the whole school of not being inclusive?How would you get unwilling parents to support their child's learning?You have a child who is underachieving, how do you deal with this?If a child doesn't show signs of improvement after all How do you ensure you meet the 'Every Child Matters' agenda in your planning?
    Why do you want to work with children? What do you think you have to offer? Giv= e an example of how children have benefited from contact with you.Safeguarding children is an important part of our work. Can you give me same examples of= how you would contribute to making the organisation a safer environment for children?Tell me about a time when a child or young person behaved in a way that caused y= ou concern. How did you deal with that? Who else did you involve?Have you ever felt uncomfortable about a colleague's behaviour towards children = in a previous job? &hellip; What were your concerns, what did you do, and how was= the issue resolved?How did your previous organisation tackle child protection? What is the role of a form tutor?You see a child with bruising in PE and don't believe their explanation, what do you do?What would you do if a parent came up to you in a shop and asked how How do you maintain enthusiasm and motivate pupils to complete coursework?= How might you implement AFL in the English classroom?How can ICT be used well in English teaching?How do you incorporate ICT into your lessons?Texting seems to be slipping into the way pupils write - how would you deal with th= is? Do you agree that the current curriculum is "dumbing down" the liter= ary canon?How do you improve communication skills within the English Classroom?How will you incorporate Citizenship into your English lessons?What is your opinion of the new changes at GCSE /A level?How would you teach the novels on the AQA GCSE / A level lists?Questions related to (proposed) developments in English - see English 21 Talkback. If you don't get it don't take it personally! There will be a job out there for you!
  4. Being a total Nidiot, I posted my intro comment deep in the middle of that. Sorry for such a long rephrase of the Questions Thread - being such a brilliant thread, it got me through to the final two in an interview process worthy of The Apprentice, yesterday. Thanks, Theo!

    In appreciation of this, I reposted the questions, but have added all the questions I found on other threads to the original list, which I then tried to thematise a little further by grouping similar questions together (with the best tip: the summary of your Key Points, at the end).

    As I'm an English, it also contains some subject specific questions gleaned from that forum.

    Thanks again, Theo!
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Oops Sarah - if you post a question on here, it won't get seen!
    You need to start a thread about it . . .
    Don't worry, there are questions - like this one - which are clearly not relevant for a NQT so they wouldn't be daft enough to ask you this.
    Best of luck with the interview! If you get the job, start a new thread called Dear Theo - I got the job!
  6. I've asked this question in an interview. It isn't a trick question, just one to see if the person is reflective and knows what they need to do to move on. A great answer is that sometimes you are too passionate about education/class/school and need to remember to keep a good work life balance or that you have high expectations and need to remember that not everyone has the same. Remember to turn a negative question into a positive.
  7. Sorrry the question was "What is your weakness?"
  8. Thank you Joe for all of these interview questions. That's wonderful. :)
  9. Fantastic thank you. I shall print it off.
  10. Dear TheoGriff / Joe

    A brilliant collection of interview questions. I think it would have been better to have some sample answers to a few tricky ones...!!

    Just an Opinion!!!! Still great work done fellows!!
  11. Hi,
    I have applied for the PGCE in ICT and I'm trying to prepare for the interview questions but I'm struggling on finding information regaring "current educational issues". I am aware of some of the sites that are recommended but I'm not sure what the important issues are...Is "Every Child Matters" an issue? or "Inclusion" ? or "Free books handed out to secondary schools"? or "Persistent absence from school is higher in the poor areas of England"?
    Please please help me,
    Thanks :)
  12. Thanks for this! will come in very handy over the next 6 months!
    warm regards,
    London Metropolitan PGCE student
  13. bfudge69

    bfudge69 New commenter

    <font size="2">During an interview that I was not overly concerned about getting I was asked </font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">"What is your biggest weakness?"</font><font size="2"> "Kryptonite" was my reply.</font><font size="2"> </font>! [​IMG]
    ssaleh21 likes this.
  14. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just bumping this up.
  15. I haven't got an interview yet, just being hopeful! This is a great thread. Thanks to all who have contributed. I'm formulating answers as I type!

  16. Thanks, hopefully will help me for my interview on Thursday.
  17. TediousMissD

    TediousMissD New commenter

    Dont forget to be clear on the new safeguarding policies.
    My (failed) interview the week before half term involved a lot about the new safeguarding bits and my opinion on them....
  18. The list of questions on here is sooo comprehensive. I used it a lot in my preparation. The only question that I got that threw me a bit was "What do you know about our school?" It was an independent school with a rich history and I think they wanted to hear me say "Founded in 1854 by the religious order of....." as opposed to my "Well, I have done some research and I've very impressed. Your website is great by the way..."

    I also found your tips to be excellent! (1. think of the four/five key words/statments about your self that you want to get across by hook or by crook 2. ripple effect approach to questions: me, my pupils, my colleagues, the school, the parents

    Now, I've been offered the job! (I'm no longer sure if I want it because the dates and terms have changed and I now have a major dillema on my hands, but that's another matter!)

    Thank you so much
  19. mimo06

    mimo06 New commenter

    What are the new safeguarding policies?
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