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Possible Edinburgh strike

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by anon4046, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I assumed someone would have posted a thread about this, so the link's a couple of days old. City of Edinburgh teachers seem to have reaced the end of their tethers... strike action in opposition to proposed cuts (the loss of PT and management jobs) is a strong possibility. Here's a quote from an Edinburgh headteacher who didn't want to be named:

    ''After years of under- funding, Edinburgh's school teachers are likely to say they've had enough. Edinburgh's teachers will find it hard to forgive decision-makers who
    have sold out to a weak and rudderless administration and to protect
    swathes of unnecessary pen-pusher jobs at Waverley Court."

  2. sbf

    sbf New commenter

    Not for a few years yet, as we still have many years of cuts to go.
    Even more if the ecconomy starts to shrink.
    I worry for my kids.

  3. Do we think the teachers will get public support for this? At the moment I'm not sure. There is nothing in the mediaexplaining to the public about the changes that are about to happen. A lot of the public just look at our holidays and think we work 9-3.30 and thats all we do.

    I think if the strikes happen at the moment we'd just wind up parents who need to sort out childminding services.
  4. Also I'm unsure if we will get the support from other teachers in Scotland, as most schools I have worked in outside of edinburgh have already moved to a facuilty system. They have been working it for years. It's their normal circumstances, and they might think we're cheeky striking about it.
  5. Yes SoothSinger, but when the other areas switched to faculties any "unsuccessful" PTs at least had salary conservation. That won't happen this time. And redundancies have not been rules out. (to say nothing of the fact that faculties don't work!)
  6. Everybody out - National strike methinks,,,
  7. Well put stupidmove.For those who fear industrial action,though,look at the situation in the Middle East for inspiration.People in t-shirts taking on the army.We need to fight to pay our mortgages and provide for our families.We're facing an effective pay cut,pension contribution increase,a 10% wage cut for being ill and more widely both interest rates and inflation are rising.Duhhh.
  8. Ok, I'm not saying we should/shouldn't strike. But what I am asking is, do you think we'll get public support if we decide to strike. I seenothing in the media about what is happening to teacher's and education. When I talk to people about my profession they just talk about 9-3.30, edinburgh with their friday off, and the holidays.
    Will we end up getting bad press if we stike? Will people be sympathetic to us, and back the teachers, or will the general public look at us as if we have nothng to complain about and that we should stop moaning. I know there are things to complain about, but do the general public?
  9. I apoligise for various grammatical errors in the previous post.
  10. Are you really comparing our lives to those of people living in real poverty, dealing with violent oppression and with no democratic rights?
  11. Bungle74 the quote you are referring to said "For those who fear industrial action,though,look at the situation in the
    Middle East for inspiration.People in t-shirts taking on the army."
    The point was surely to make us feel empowered to take on our own government, bearing in mind the actions of those in the Middle East who have so much more to fear from standing up for their rights.
    I think you are stirring things a bit, Bungle, you know exactly what the previous poster meant!
  12. Thanks earthman.Also in our favour is that we as teachers are educated people.We must be able metaphorically "to put a spanner in the works" (a real strategy used by desperate wokers in the past).The McCrone agreement still exists.We have a 35 hour working week.A strict adherance to this must be on the cards.How many "voluntary" meetings do we attend? How many evening events in school do we attend? How many of us sit at home writing reports on-line? Fife council are making it easy for their staff to access work from home via our P.C.We are not a conscript army,we sell them our labour and often too cheaply.
  13. This is a more sensible approach. If we all worked 35 hours a week for 1 year and let them see what happens to attainment when we stop doing lunchtime revision sessions, easter revision sessions, spending hours putting revision materials we have created onto glow, setting and marking extra homework in the run up to prelims etc.
    It will never happen though because people think strikes work better.
    We have to break this cycle of getting good conditions which are slowly and sneakily eroded until we have to strike.

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