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Possibility of doing NQT year in Ireland?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by AlanaJohnston, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. AlanaJohnston

    AlanaJohnston New commenter

    Is there any possibility whatsoever of completing the PGCE year and doing the NQT year in a different country?

    I'm in the middle of my PGDipEd with the University of Birmingham, but I'm Irish and I have had my heart set on going to back to Dublin to live with my boyfriend after this year. I assumed I could do my induction year in Ireland, but I recently heard this might not be possible and it's really getting me down as I can't do another year long distance. I understand that the job situation is pretty bleak in Ireland right now, but I'm willing to compromise/ do whatever the Teaching Council requires of me to get registered. I'd love your advice if you know anything about this.

  2. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    I think this is something that you have to take up with the relevant authorities in Ireland. You are asking a question what I doubt many have knowledge of.
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  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Statutory induction is only applicable in the UK as it only applies to teachers graduating here. At present if you gain QTS is one EEC country then you can apply for your qualification to be recognised in another. ROI teachers do come to the UK and the experience is recognised by the Irish Teaching Council so I would expect some reciprocal arrangement?
    You need to contact the Irish Teaching Council for a specific response.
    That said as with all teaching jobs it depends upon the local job market and the availability at the time. In recent years many have left Ireland due to shortages of initial opportunities however the Brexit vote is likely to make Ireland more attractive in future.
  4. shaunaghbrophy11

    shaunaghbrophy11 New commenter

    Alana I'm in the exact same situation.[This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    I feel I can get through the year here but no more than that. If you have had any light shed on the situation could you let me know ?
  5. chloelucieb

    chloelucieb New commenter

    I am in a similar situation, I done my PGCE last year and I am doing my NQT this year but my partner is from Dublin and for professional reason we might have to move to Ireland after Christmas. I was wondering if you find out about the possibility to do the NQT year in Ireland? I contacted the teaching coucil but the lady I talked to wasn't sure either so I am a bit confused. Many thanks
  6. cork227

    cork227 New commenter

    Transferring UK qualifications to Ireland has become a bit of a nightmare since they moved the ITT in Ireland to a 2 years masters course. As far as I know, you need to have do your NQT year in the UK as well before the Irish Teaching Council will even consider you for registration, I could be wrong though. Just keep in mind as well that because the PGCE equivalent in Ireland has recently been converted into a 2 years masters, the Teaching Council have said that they'll only recognise qualifications from other countries that are the equivalent of 120 ECTS credits (not the same thing as credits at a UK uni). So they'll let you register provisionally, but you might have to do top-up courses etc. within 3 years before they'll consider you fully registered.
  7. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

  8. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

    I read your post.
    I am considering doing my PGCE in England but would like to return to Dublin as my daughter will start school.
    How did you get on in your experience?
    Thank you
  9. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

  10. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

    Hello just curious how you got on.
    I am thinking of doing the same.
    Thank you
  11. soboyle15

    soboyle15 New commenter

    I know this is an old post but did you figure out what to do? I’m in the same position now. I’ve completed my PGCE through the University of Sunderland but really don’t want to spend a year in England to do my NQT. I can’t find any advice online and so I was hoping you could give me some good news (here’s hoping).

  12. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

  13. sammy_meredith

    sammy_meredith New commenter

    No I decided to stay here and dp the Montessori method instead. Allows you to work in primary schools as well.
    Hope you find a way.

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