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positive pop songs

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gigglefairy, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Have decided to run an experiment in my class where we sing along to a pop song every morning before lessons. Theory being that it will wake them up, force them to read lyrics, be working together to make a nice sound, enjoy it, etc. So what I need is some positive songs - either about getting on/friendship or about thinking positively about yourself.

    So far I've got:
    Take That - Shine (very successful this morning - took the boys a while to get into it but good on the whole)
    S Club - Reach

    not a great list... Can you add to it?!

    Thank you lotsly
    giggle. x
  2. Hi,

    Sounds like a really good idea you have there!

    Not really a 'pop song' but I used world's greatest by R kelly with my Y3's and they loves it. Its a nice positive song and makes for a nice discussion about the lyrics.

    Also, you can't go wrong with high school musical in particular 'we're all in this together'. (the boys might moan a bit at first but secretly they love it).

  3. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    Jump5 is pretty good for positive pop-like songs - I like "change a heart, change the world"
  4. I have used:

    Sugababes - Ugly
    Christina Aguilera - beautiful

    when we did some anti bullying stuff in PSHE. These were both recomended on here and the children got quite a lot out of discussing the lyrics.
  5. Queen - I want it now???
  6. Thanks!

    Was thinking of High School Musical - will have to get hold of a CD.

    Will definitely try to dig out the others too :)

    More suggestions gratefully received!
    giggle. x
  7. Tina Turner - Simply the Best

    Keep on running - not sure of the artist

  8. proud-heather small
  9. chesney hawkes-i am the one and only!! (my all time fav- can be done best with some air guitar....)
  10. Kelis Lil Star is quite contemporary and has lovely lyrics about being special and having talents - was a real hit (pardon the pun) with the children!
  11. LOOK FOR THE HERO INSIDE ( Think that's what it's called ...)
    we used Shine for our well- done assemblies and the children loved it.
  12. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    Search for a hero inside yourself (M People)

    Something inside so strong (Labi Siffre)

    You can get it if you really want (Desmond Decker or Jimmy Cliff)
  13. Queen's "We are the Champions" is fab! Will try to think of some more, but my mind has just gone totally blank! Must be first-day-back-itis!
  14. Loving this thread - thanks.

    Sunshine - Gabrielle
  15. I do a similar activity with my class, we have just recently listened to,
    ?Don?t worry be happy? Bobby McFerrin- the children loved it. I download the videos from You Tube, so cuts the cost.
  16. Ive got that cd songs to make you feel good, its pretty good, we have been singing I can see clearly now , from the sing up cd...
  17. great suggestions! thanks - might have to invest in a couple of new CDs...
    giggle. x
  18. Might not be as 'pop' as you're looking for, but Bill Withers' 'Lean on me' has a great message and quite an easy to follow tune.

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