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Positive NQT Experiences!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by dylan83, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Sometimes being an NQT feels like being constantly negative: things I haven't done, things I should have done differently, kids who've stressed me out, kids I've lost my temper with, essays I've lost, sleep I've lost... but it's good to remind myself that there are positives coming out of this experience too.
    For example, I've had three of my NQT observations now and have gotten 'good with some outstanding features' each time. Kids have told other teachers how much they enjoy my lessons. Kids who claimed to hate me in September are saying hi to me around the school.
    By February half term I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. When year 11 leave my timetable will ease considerably, even moreso when year 12 take study leave and year 10 have work experience. The days are getting longer and marginally milder. More importantly, we're at least half way through the year!
    <u>Share your positive experience in this thread. What's making you pleased you took your job? What, despite the negatives, makes you happy when you look back on your teaching week?</u>
  2. Having a really great year

    Like my school - department really supportive, SLT really helpful, mentor has light-touch but open door

    Learners are great - winning over the Y10's and Y11's took time but they now know the rules and I enjoy using a variety of approaches in the classroom.

    6th from students have been fab, interesting, hard-working, personable and polite - amazing

    I really like that I can see progress, it's great that next year I will be building on stuff i've done this year

    Overall great - still have bad days, marking sometimes gets on top of me but I'm really enjoying it
  3. Good thread idea. Here's mine:
    - Having a fantastic mentor, just the right balance of advice/interest/help. Having a laugh with the rest of the staff.
    - Getting outstanding in the first lesson the head watched me in - the hard work paid off!
    - Knowing that amongst even the hardest day there will be a moment when I'm forced to smile/laugh.
    - Seeing my children had made progress after assessments at the end of last term.
    As hard and tiring as the job can sometimes be I am really enjoying it every day and I can go home happy knowing I'm making a positive contribution in a worthwhile profession.

  4. My NQT year as been great (a little rocky at times but to be expected) main points:
    a) love the other people in my department it is a great place to work and they keep me sane (well as close as I am ever going to get!!!!)
    b) seeing kids achieve and progress and enjoying their lessons
    c) building positive relationships with pupils- I teach in secondary and one of the rough tough lads came after school today to finish some coursework and he was so polite and appreciated that I had made time for him to finish something he was struggling with- I saw a completely different side to him -a great surprise - best bit of the job!!!
    d) lighter mornings and evening- make the whole thing a lot easier.
  5. Completely agree too - brilliant idea!

    Love my job, the kids are mosty great and having a good laugh with the people in the team.
    Had hard days where you crawl home, drop onto the sofa and either fall asleep or crack open a well needed bottle of something.
    Good and bad everywhere but I reckon, most of the time, the good outweighs the bad.

    You're right -- too much moaning on this site.
  6. Positives? Lots!
    Some genuinely lovely, interested kids. Some who seem (fingers crossed!) to be coming around.
    an entire department who's excited about teaching, helpful, supportive and always willing to talk about teaching ideas/questions
    Starting to make friends among the staff - no small thing when moving to a totally new area!
    Managing to get the workload under control to enable me to have something of a life - see above :)
    Always doing something different, interesting and exciting with my day

  7. I have an amazing mentor who started the year with very regular - almost weekly meetings which have gradually fallen away as I have become more confident. She pops her head in every morning as she passes just to let me know she is available should I need her which is pretty amazing because her role as the deputy and her other roles make her a very busy person. I have, with her guidance, managed to improve my practice so much in the past few months that the elusive 'outstanding' is so close I can taste it! My children are making great progress and not only that they tell me I am the 'best teacher ever' so Hey I must be! I think I have landed on my feet in a great school and a pretty good LEA for NQT's. I have heard from some of my fellow students that they are recieving far less support from either their school or LEA.
    Oh and my TA said the other day "I hope I am with you again next year" that's pretty positive too![​IMG]
  8. I'm a bit of a gatecrasher here - I'm still doing ITT. I made this little video of a WOW! moment which brought home to me why being a teacher is something very special, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1vwjMt3iIE - it only lasts 3 mins 21 secs - please have a look.
  9. This is a great thread ... i agree with everything that is being said. what a difference a few months can make even a few weeks, at the beginning of this term i was filled with dread and now i am looking forward to going back and gearing the kids up ready for exams etc. of course after a nice relaxing half term ... which hasn't been possible yet due to an inspection in my first term
  10. excellent thread :eek:)

    I love my class - 4,5 and 6 year olds are guaranteed to make you smile at least once each day.
    My TA has said she likes working with me.
    I am beginning to accept that I cannot do a perfect job and have a life at the same time. I have chosen to do as much as I can while also having a life.
    Seeing my class beginning to read and write.
    When I asked 'who left all of the role play clothes on the floor?' I got the response: 'the gruffalo'.

    There are still days when I want to find an easier job, but I love my job.

  11. I did. It was truly vomit-worthy.
  12. Gothmother, I think you will find this is supposed to be a positive thread. As I say to my 8 year old 'if you haven't got anything positive to say, don't say anything at all'. I am glad AliHain feels so positive about training.
    To join in the positive thread, I can't believe I have finally found what I love doing, after 20 years of doing jobs I hated. Not many jobs give you such satisfaction and, despite all the ups and downs, make you feel you can make a difference.
  13. Excuse me for being in touch with reality.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. The thing is, there are thousands of very very happy NQTs. The nature of this forum is that most people come on to moan when they are stressed/tired/not enjoying things/etc Some aren't so lucky to be having such a fab experience and even if they are...we all need a moan when times are tough. For many it can be hard to rant to friends and family because they either don't understand or people don't want to rant to them.
    Yes, by all means celebrate how much you enjoy the job....there have been lots of threads like this. But don't belittle those that find it more of a struggle and can't be all sunshine and light about the 'positives'.

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