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Positive Mindfulness Programme - get involved!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by mindfulstudent, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    My name's Lydia - I am a Psychology undergraduate and am running a mindfulness-based programme for teachers next month. It's called the Positive Mindfulness Programme - I am running it as part of my dissertation and it was developed by my supervisor. Here is a quick brief:

    - It's a 4.5 week online programme focusing on 8 positive aspects of psychology (e.g. self-awareness, self-compassion, positive emotions) using mindfulness.

    - Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present, non-judgementally and intentionally.

    - It's very practical and known to have a positive impact; it aims to increase levels of wellbeing.

    - Commitment: the main commitment takes about 12 minutes a day by listening to a topic-related audio file which includes a daily meditation and a practical daily activity. There is also a short video that summarises the scientific, theoretical basis of the topic.

    You will be asked to complete online questionnaires before and after the programme to help with the research.

    Last but not least, all is confidential and data is anonymised! I have also attached an invitation letter which provides further detail.

    I hope after reading more about the project, you would like to participate and also, get a few teachers to participate alongside with you!

    If you would like to take part, please post here or email me.

    I am sending the questionnaires between 7th-14th September, with the actual running of the programme beginning on 21st September.

    Many thanks.





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