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Position and direction language in Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sunshinesuperwoman, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I would appreciate ideas for lessons using language of position and direction in Year 1. I noticed a reference to a Wizard of Oz lesson in an earlier thread that sounded good, but am not sure if that is still current.

    Any help finding that lesson or other suggestions much appreciated!
  2. I've done this a few different ways. I have got the children to use bebots ( if you have them) and get them to use the directional language to get the bebot to a designated place.
    Also I have taken the children outside, in pairs, one of the children is a robot and the other is a controller and they have to guide their robot around the playground or hall ( if wet) after a few minutes they swap over e.g. Walk forward 2 steps, turn left, walk backwards 1 step, turn clockwise half a turn. Children were using postitional and directional language really well. I also put some obstacles (benches, hoops) out the next day so children could go over, around, under etc
    Finally, I got the children to make up a 'line dance' children would write down directional language like above then they would perform the dance. e.g 3 steps forwards, turn right, 1step backwards etc.

    Hope this helps, had lots of fun doing all this with my year 1's
    Gareth x
  3. Thank you for those ideas, Gareth. I particularly like the line dancing idea!

    Ali x

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