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Portuguese GCSE support, materials, advice

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by konnerz, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm going to be teaching European Portuguese, even though I'm more used to Brazilian Portuguese! I just think with our proximity to Portugal, potential trips, links with schools, news etc it will be more beneficial. Of course, trips to Brazil would be great...but a bit unrealistic for my school!
  2. Hi there,

    I am thinking of doing this soon - I was wondering if you could let me know if you get any further with your investigations?!

    Many thanks

  3. Absolutely Ailsa.
    Nothing so far, but I am going to contact the local representative of the OCR exam board to see if s/he can point me in the right direction etc
    Hopefully positive updates will follow!
  4. Hi there.. just found this forum today, maybe I can help you. Ive been teaching Portuguese as a second language in Macau for 5 years, last year we had our first IGCSE second language portuguese exams., Is very hard for Portuguese teachers to get material, such as a oral past exams to have an idea how they submit the exam. But Ive done last year by my own judgement and if you need any help I can help you. Im using " Na Onda do Portugues 1 and 2" (text book) and also i do a lot of documents for my students. :)
  5. Being Brazilian I would love to see more young people learning Portuguese. I have tought adults for the past few years and I am thinking about posting some of my resources in here as a form of contributing to the improvement of the resource bank. Do you think It would any help if i did?

  6. Yes, of course!
  7. Sorry I didn't see your reply before. I will get some resources uploaded soon.

  8. Sorry only back on this now, almost a year later.

    Any resources/advice gladly would take as I think am going to start off by doing Portuguese KS3 language club and if it proves popular try and see uptake for GCSE. My worry is that because I learnt Portuguese at uni, it was so grammar based and not really very conducive to the style of teaching needed in Secondary (don't get me wrong I'm big on grammar!)

  9. Ok, I have a few things on grammar. I will post some this weekend. i have tried to do so at work but it keeps crashing.

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