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Portsmouth Primary SCITT, hello out there!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by fendermeister, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,
    I've got my final interview and presentation tomorrow, I'm one of the late entries after the course got allocated extra places. I finally gave up my job in December to pursue my dream at last, so just hope I get on the course!
    Anyone else on it?
    I hear the induction day is July 5th? If anyone needs to house share let me know as I'm coming from Northern Ireland!! (If I get given a place)
    Would be great to hear from some of you, I'll be giving tomorrow my best shot.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Hope you had a safe journey home.
    Well we've done all we can, just got to keep our fingers crossed and wait to hear our fate now I guess!
    Suddenly Wednesday seems an awfully long way away! I didn't think to ask how we would hear, did you? Email, phone call, via GTTR?
    Hope it's not through GTTR as I have forgotten my password & the 'forgotten password' link didn't work so I guessed a few times and now I'm locked out, oops!
    Take care anyway. Let's hope we have some good news soon.
    Sam [​IMG]
  3. Hi Sam,

    I spoke with Lee Ann today, we both made it then!!! So awesome, well chuffed, bet you are too!! Soooooooooooo lookin forward to it. It looks like such a great course, very well regarded.
    Just gotta find somewhere to live for the year, and get ready for an insane amount of work!!
    Congrats to you!!!


  4. Hi Andy,
    Yeah :) So glad all your travelling was worthwhile!
    I'm really excited too. Can't wait to start now, although as you say, I'm sure it is going to be a crazy-busy year ahead!
    I've just put in a student finance application so hope that they get that processed pretty swiftly, but didn't like to apply until I had a place- didn't want to tempt fate!
    Congrats on your place & good luck with the house hunting!
    See you soon,
  5. Oooooo,what a student finance application? Is that for the maintenance grant? reveal all, I need money too!!!
  6. Hi,
    Yeah - student finance. I have applied for the tutition fee loan (£3200) and the maintainance grant & maintenance loan (My student loan is going to be ridiculous by the time I've done this!)

    Not sure how much I will actually get (since it's means tested based on income for tax year 09-10 randomly), but the estimated figures don't look too horrific!
    That's the link for Student Finance England. (I assume you apply there too? Is it where you will be studying or where you live?, I don't know to be honest. I'm sure all the info you need is on the site anyway!)
    HTH, Good luck ;)
  7. Please ignore the awful spelling in my last post [​IMG]
  8. Yeah, I've done my application, took a while!! Hopefully I'll get the grants, have ya seen the child care grant as well? Plus the learning parent grant? Looks ok. My wife only works part time so we should get a decent grant.
    Gettin excited though! I had my last day workin in schools today, the kids are just great, so enjoyed the experience. Training and teaching will be a shed load more work though!
    See ya in July!
  9. Hi Andy and Sam,
    I was at the same test day as you both in the morning and just wanted to say well done!!! [​IMG]
    i had my interview yest as i was unable to go to the ones arranged on the 17th June and I am just nervously awaiting now!!!!
    how long did it take for you to find out and how did you find out??
  10. Dear Lisa,
    Only just seen your post. Hopefully you will have heard by now, but if not, I heard by telephone. Had the interview day on the Friday and found out Tuesday late afternoon.
    All the best,

  11. Hi Andy
    If you are still looking for a house share let me know
  12. Hi Alan,
    Just saw this message, yeah I'm on the hunt a few options but nothing concrete yet. A girl on the course had a room in Southsea but the landlord was looking for 420pcm, too pricey for me! I'm looking around the 300 mark. Some folks I know are moving down to the area around September so that may be an option but not sure.
    What did ya have mind?

    Cheers for getting in touch.


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