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Portability of CRB

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by julieAndrews, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I was hoping that someone might be able to help. I am present on a couple week contract with an agency and this is the first time I have worked with them although I have been registered with them for several months now. I received a phone call at 6pm this evening (which I missed) saying that I need to pay £44 for a new CRB as the other agency that I am signed to are refusing to allow portability. Now I have several problems with this, first of all I specifically remember asking the agency that I signed to and did the CRB through that I would need to have portability with this and they said that was fine. Now I am being told that it has been refused, can they do this even though I paid for it? Also, why have the agency that I am working through not checked this before now and why am I being held to ranson for the rest of this assignement because they haven't done their job and I'm pretty much being told to pay up or lose another few days work without any guarantee. This CRB cover the same area I'm so angry.... Can they do this?
  2. I would be tempted to ignore the phone call, if you are doing a good job the agency would be reluctant to tell the school that you are being pulled out coz of CRB issues.
    However have your CRB from the other agency and ID (passport ready) when you are in school
    That way if the agency pull you out. They will give another reason not the CRB issue anyway. They just pull you out. However if the CRB thing comes up
    You can politlely show the other agencies CRB and tell the school the other agency are doing you no favours.
    You have to bluff and bluster. But remember you are the ambassodor for your agencies, So always let schools know which agencies are rubbish and which are not.
  3. Thanks for your response I was so incensed by it I contacted the CRB enquiry line and they said that as I had paid for the CRB the agency had no right to refuse it's portability. Also, he directed me to the governments new iniative about allowing CRB's to be portable
    Maybe, some good news after all for supply... if there is any work in September [​IMG]
  4. I would keep up the bluff and bluster. If the agency want to force the issue you may be dropped as you would not get the new one anyway until well into the summer hols.
    This would leave egg on the face of the agency with the school. However never trust what an agency says until you have worked with them for awhile.
    As you rightly say CRB's are portable. However they have been the most expensive headache, and interfered with the supply teachers right to be available for work.
    Sadly agencies love Quality Mark. As far as I am concerned they should never get Quality Mark if they start refusing portability.
    In fact I think Quality Mark for agencies to be a big joke.

  5. Oh God! CRBs!. I have had this nonsense myself. I had one day with a school, through an agency, with which i already had a CRB. When i got my pay slip, I saw that £38 had been deducted for a CRB. When i queried this, the agency told me that the school had demanded a new CRB, as I had not worked there before.
    At another school, through another agency, i did two days. When I queried as to why I had not been paid, the agency told me that the CRb I had with them was over three months old and was now invalid. The agency went on to say that I would only get paid when they had received a new CRB. When I became almost apoplectic with anger, they reminded me that I was acting illegally by working in a school without a valid CRB, and threatened to inform the police.
  6. There are also conspiracy laws in this country. If you are acting illegally by working in a school without a CRB then the agency is also acting illegally by sending you into a school knowing that you are not cleared to work there. The same arguement may apply to the school or if not then they are certainly negligent in allowing you to walk into the school in the first place.
    So if any agency tries this sort of bullying tactic before threaten them with police action and also say that you will report them to the relevant governing body that controls such agencies; many of them claim to have sort of Quality Mark which can be removed.
  7. Thanks for the reponses it is much apppreciated but I do know where I stand and I will not be paying a further £44 for something I already have (in fact I have 2!) and as I have mentioned before it is now part of the CRB agency policy


    As for getting a phone call at 6pm on a Friday evening... thanks for a great start to the weekend! [​IMG]

  8. We have all seen examples posted on how supply teachers have had to have new CRBs for each new agency/LA/schools.
    Michael Gove goes into many schools so I wonder how many CRBs he has. I challenge any full time teacher in a school that he visits to ask to see his CRB for that particular school
  9. I am shocked at the corrupt nature of this whole business of CRB clearances. I was disgusted at hearing Gove encourage parents to go into schools on Thursday in order to keep them open so I queried the legality of this with th CRB.
    I have always understood that it was a legal requirement that everybody who works with vulnerable adults or children has a valid CRB clearance. But I was informed that this is not actually the case; it is actually up to the policy of an individual organisation to ask for CRB clearance and that applies to portability also.
    So the whole business is just a money making scam.
  10. Well I will have to pay for another CRB check. The reason the agency have refused portability on my CRB is that I have a caution on it from some 20 years ago..... Was never prosecuted or charged! It has never happened to me before and I have been teaching now for 8 years. Apparently, by allowing my CRB to have portability would discredit their quality mark and that's "important to them". I have been back to the CRB agency and they said the agency are still wrong to do this but as there is no legislation as of yet there is nothing I can do. Apart from take myself off the books of this joke of an agency who actually have such double standards.... They were quite happy to intially place me with a school, even though I had a CRB with another county (which would have not been valid for this county) and hadn't worked for 6 months and moved in that time! So fed up but if I want to finish this with another two weeks work.... I'm being held to ransom [​IMG]


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