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Portability of CRB certificates. Latest

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by nearmiss, May 29, 2011.

  1. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    I have recently conducted a campaign against my local authority who refused to grant portability on my CRB certificate. I am registered with my LEA as a supply teacher and I also applied to some agencies too.
    The agencies were prepared to accept my current CRB certificate as I was still working for the LEA and still in contact with young people professionally. However, the LEA refused to let the agencies use the CRB. I refused to pay the fee to duplicate something that was clearly still valid and contacted the LEA personally.
    I was told by an officer at the county's CRB office that it was "The Law" never to grant portability. I researched all of the current statue concerning Child Protection and also Rehabilitation of Offenders. No mention was made of such a legal requirement. I contacted the LEA again who now said that maybe it wasn't the law after all but it was still a County policy. I researched the guidelines issued to LEA's from the CRB itself, again no such requirement is stipulated.
    I sent this information to my MP and to the Chief Executive of the CRB and the reply I had hoped for soon came. My CRB is totally valid and portable and my LEA cannot block its being used by other employers unless there is a genuine case of professional misconduct on my part.
    So why is this information not in the public domain. Why are thousands of public sector employees being bamboozled into paying for multiple CRBs. Apparently the guidelines are going to change to streamline the system. Does anyone know of the date for this change.
    Don't pay for a new CRB if you already have one. If you have been in pfrofessional contact with young or vulnerable people whilst still holding a CRB and there has not been a break of more than 12 weeks, your certificate is portable.
    Write to your MP, write to the Chief Executive of the CRB and write to the Home Office if anyone refuses to accept your CRB or refuses to grant portability on your CRB.

  2. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    you spotted my deliberate error, of course. I meant statute and not statue.
  3. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    Write to your MP immediately. There is a precedent for this and I have letter personally signed by the Director of the Criminal Records Bureau. You only need one certificate. You really have to sit tight on this one and push for recognition of your certificate. I would urge you to contact the Home Office also and copy that same letter to the Director of the CRB. Don't put up with it. It's a rip off.
  4. It is not just in this situation. It is prevalent everywhere. It isback covering in case of a problem. The employer/agency can then go'We did a CRB'.

    I've got one from UK athletics, one from Football Association, one from an LA, 2 from Agencies. Fortunately, i only paid for one from an agency.
  5. The CRBs are being administered by Capita, the government's largest contractor who also have a teacher agency. When they insist that their teachers pay for repeated CRB checks, they (Capita) are making further profits. Teacher agencies have a legal obligation to their shareholders; there appears to no such obligation to teachers.
  6. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    You must not be coerced into paying for more and more CRB checks. My degree certficate is 30 years old but it is still proof that I know my subject even though what I studied then would be quite outdated now. It is good for life.
    Just being on a database is absolutely no guarantee that I or anyone else is of good character. If I truly were a criminal, I'd be able to play the system anyway and falsify documents, identity etc. anyway.
    Under law, your CRB is portable. If your previous employer refuses portability, you can challenge that refusal as I did through your MP. The sole reason an employer can refuse portability is if they have evidence of criminal activity on your part while you were employe by them.

  7. What is the 'law' does not seem to matter; it is what is the 'business custom' that does. I have never known an agency take anothers CRB: they have either right demanded to do their own, or gone through the motions of obtaining portability, then claimed they cannot get it. What I find grievously annoying are clear, profit-making abuses of the CRB system. When an agency sends you to a new school, they do yet another CRB (because the school insists, they say), and when an agency puts you forward for a job, they do yet another CRB (same reason given). This last one is outrageous as not only does it mean that you have to fork out £40 - 50 every time you apply for a job through an agency, since you usually hear nothing more about it, you wonder whether this job ever existed.
    Why does the price of CRBs vary so much; anything between £37 and, say , £60?
  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If they called you then they are clearly keen to sign you up. I would explain to them that you are already signed up with a number of agencies and don't really need to be with any more. However you are willing to come in for an interview as long as they are aware that you will not be paying for a third CRB check.
    They don't want to waste their time any more then you do.
  9. In my experience, the agencies that 'cold call' you, saying that you are just the sort of teacher for whom they are looking and they will be able to find you lots of work, are the ones from which you will never hear again. Until recently, I think ,'consultants' were given a bonus for every teacher they could sign up; now, however, these bloated lists of would-be supply teachers are just becoming a liablilty. Recently, I have been on the receiving end of 'we are moving you to our inactive list' letters from some agencies.
  10. Such utter, dimwitted bureacratic nonsense...one big corrupt moneyspinning piece of absolute stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The reference number is at the top of the current eCRB. Get the dimwit bureacrat to ring the CRB office and confirm the current status of your eCRB!
    Insurance companies, the police do this so what utter drivel is this idiot spouting?!
  11. Such utter, dimwitted bureacratic nonsense...one big corrupt moneyspinning piece of absolute stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    reference number is at the top of the current eCRB. Get the dimwit
    bureacrat to ring the CRB office and confirm the current status of your
    Insurance companies, the police do this so what utter drivel is this idiot spouting?!

  12. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    I currently have 3 valid CRB certificates. This is due to one refusing portability and another informing me the school they wanted to place me in only accepts supply teachers with a CRB showing that agency's name. I had been in this school before with no trouble. So I got the CRB in their name turned up to the school to be told oh don't worry we've got your details on file.

    Had ENOUGH.
  13. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    CRBs.................... Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Portability...... portability can be granted from school to school in the same LEA. Therefore get one done in one school and you can ask the LEA to make it portable for other schools that apply to them for you to work in their school.

    Portability .... with Agencies..... I have had in the past CRB done through one Agency and it has been portable with another agency BUT only because they both belong to a certain affiliated Teaching Agency organisation. Those that do not sign up with this organisation (apologies I do not know the correct title for it) have to do their own CRB. Of course as a matter of practice some Agencies like to do their own anyway. Now if the CRB is over 3 years old then it cannot be portable and all CRBs should be resubmitted every 3 years.

    For school employing new teachers it is vital that they do a CRB as anything could have happened since the last one was done which may well have been done up to 3 years previously.

    Enhanced CRB is £44 I believe... if you pay anything over that it is because it may be being done by an umbrella company that the school uses who charge an administration fee.

    I generally now only stay with one agency. They know this and it works well, as they know my availability and their schools know that I can be negotiated for should I be already booked. Too many agencies just dilutes your availability making you unreliable for early morning calls.................. so they just by pass you until they are desperate and then they still find you unavailable.

    By staying with one agency you can usually negotiate on daily rates, petrol money for schools outside your usual catchment, length of placement, tasks and responsibilities undertaking etc.

    Do keep your agency informed of your availability.... daily, the more you ring the more they will remember you and the more work you will get. Thats the theory anyway.
  14. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Thats good advice, also let them know if you already have work form someone else. It is not only polite and professional but I suspect encourages them to keep you busy for fear of losing you to another agency.
  15. I curently have my one from the school I am employed at (CRB # 1) (at least until the 31st August-after which I have resigned). I am applying to be a foster carer, so have had one done by the agency for that (CRB # 2). I have registered with a supply teaching agencyand paid £44 (CRB # 3) I have registed with my local LEA and paid £54 - admin costs apparently! (CRB # 4). I have just completed a form for another LEA for which they don't charge (CRB # 5). I am waiting foranother LEA to send me their pack for supply teachers, theydidn't mention costs for the CRB so I am hoping CRB # 6 will not have to be paid for by me. If you mention portability it's like you are trying to be devious and have something to hide. The system is ludicrous and just a cash cow for the body involved. We need a champion to sort this out for us!
  16. The eCRB checking system is corrupt, ludicrous and moneyspinning...Mr M Gove that smooth talking <u>dimwit</u> needs to know about the idiocy of non-transferability when the police, insurance companies etc accept one eCRB reference number from a valid eCRB certificate.Utter idiocy! Particularly from the bureacrats in schools.

  17. I wonder how many schools ask for a new CRB from anybody who approacches them for work even as a volunteer.
    But I also wonder how many schools ask to see the CRB clearance documents from people like Michael Govre when they do into schools and then spend time with the pupils and publicise the fact. Do the parents of those pupils give permission for photos to be taken or to be filmed?

  18. The CRB... now a total <u>CRIMINAL</u> NETWORK OF MALIGN INDIVIDUALS and associated organisations.[​IMG]
    WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?????????????????????????????????????


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