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Poor Year 2s

Discussion in 'Primary' started by whodbeateacher, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. It's been a struggle all this year with this class. Very lively, poor levels of concentration and inability to retain what you teach them. Low starting levels too.
    Now, with only one term left, I'm pleased that they've all made progress (I'm hoping the vast majority will be at least in Level 2 land by the end of the year, albeit low L2) and are beginning to settle, but I was wondering about the best way to really consolidate this and really help things to 'stick', mainly in writing?
    The big issue seems to be how they hold on to things. Ask them to use full stops and capitals, most of them will (when prompted). On their own - barely. Ask them to use connectives they will (not on their own). Ask them to start sentences in different ways they will - not on their own. You get the picture. We play lots of games, speaking and listening, modelling etc etc and they really respond but send them off to write something most of it gets forgotton.
    We're about to start learning all about Nocturnal Animals for you-know-what. I'm convinced they will enjoy it and contribute a lot - but the writing at the end will almost certainly not reflect that.
  2. Do you have my class? :)

    I'm sure you do this anyway but I found that not expecting miracles helps and that things will just take longer! So we've been ensuring that they feel confident in things they can do independently and then little by little get them to see how things relate. It is a lot of spoon feeding and drip, drip, drip our end. We use a lot of visuals (even more if more IWB worked!) and choral response.

    I found with my lot that more I make it crazy, the more it goes in. I found the weirdest freakiest animals for the you-know-whats just so they have more to latch on to. Are you doing cross-curricular links as well so they get it from all angles?

    Some of mine will get what they deserve, but I've also been trying to acclimatise them to the process too, they freaked out the first time we did any kind of test!

    Repetition, repetition, repetition too. Good luck anyway!
  3. Yup!
    Yup again!
    Good to hear others have the same issues. I thought it was me. Sometimes my TA and I just stare desperately at each other across the class for adult reassurance!
    I'll keep plugging away. Bless 'em! Can't be helped.
  4. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    This could be a large group of my class too.
    I've currently got 8 working at 2C and andother 4 at 1A, all of who have already made at least 2 sublevels progress, many 3. Part of me thinks great look how well they've done but then I need to get them to 2B!
    I'm now trying to decide what to really focus on - the nuts and bolts - range of sentence openers, different connectives, spelling & handwriting and securing past / present tense (lots of EAL) OR upping the interest level of writing, the oomph (if you know what I mean!). They seem to be able to do one or the other but not both at the same time.
  5. That's exactly the thing. Large majority of my class are 2c with some 2b and a handful 1a (plus SEN issues elsewhere, P scales etc). But usual outcomes for my class/school are majority 2b/a with a strong level 3 cohort. Well, not this year! They have, however, all made great progress bar one or two.
    Decisions decisions..... ;/

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