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Poor service from tutor 2u- Has anyone else had the same problem?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by itsserendipity, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I ordered and paid for some resources for GCSE Business Studies from tutor2u months ago and have not received them. Nor have I recieved any real information about when I will get these resoures.

    tutor2u are nromally fantastic but I feel increasingly let down by them.

    Anyone else experience problems?
  2. I was really disappointed with the pre release research task last year and my students told me they found it really difficult to access. At the recent AQA meeting I went to in Bristol everyone was raving about the Time2 CD. I am already using their GCSE CD, which is fantastic and my students love the variety of activities. If your budget stretches it might be worth getting both and comparing. However, I regularly get my students to visit the Tutor2U blogs which are a great free resource.
  3. Sounds like we have had the same experience! I ordered and paid for a resource in June, 2010 and finally had an email response last week saying that the resources were not available and they could not give a date when they would be!
    Perhaps tutor2u are forgetting the basics- you should have the product available before you advertise and sell it- as they expand their business.

    Very disppointing.
  4. Oh dear, just wait till JR reads this, there will be strong words!! Not many of them helpful either.

  5. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Wouldn't it be better to draw this to their attention via the website? If you want an outcome then surely that would be more effective?
  6. Yes, I too ordered several products from them. Received one and heard nothing from them. Followed it up 2 months later to find out they are advertising products that have not been produced, some of which may be unlikely to be produced.
  7. We too, have ordered items from Tutor2U and only some of them have arrived, suggesting there are communication problems within the organisation.
    For all you economists - is this a good example of a dominant firm in the market getting too large and experiencing diseconomies of scale, or is Tutor2U becoming x-inefficient due to a lack of competition, or both?

  8. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Ordered two items last Wednesday - received this morning.

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