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poor exam results using Edexcel's new specification (Art&Design)

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by mayak, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. mayak

    mayak New commenter

    I have had very disappointing results for Photography AS - at least 2 grades lower than would have been the case using the old specification and completely out of synch with the marks I thought I had awarded. I have never had this happen before and I am guessing that the examiner lowered all the marks.
    Has anybody had this experience? I found the training and the limited exemplars somewhat confusing and in the end after years of accurate and good marks I am considering moving to AQA to avoid another future issue with the marks.
  2. melonhead88

    melonhead88 New commenter

    Hi Mark, I have had exactly the same issue with our AS results with Edexcel this summer. Most students are at least one grade lower than we predicted and our marking has always been praised for its accuracy in the past by Edexcel. I went to two Edexcel training sessions regarding the new specification, my colleague also attended one and we followed all the advice give to us by the exam board yes we still had our marks altered quite drastically. I am certain that the grades are now more difficult to achieve. Students who most likely would have got A grades last year have been awarded low B grades or C's. Are you considering a Review of Moderation?
    I too am considering moving exam boards but it would be useful to hear other Teachers experiences with this new specification.
  3. samanthalthomson

    samanthalthomson New commenter

    I have had the same issues with another exam board and we will be appealing as most of our students are one grade lower than expected. I have been marking A level for 15 years and have never had a problem before with our marking and it is usually accurate. The moderator lowered our marks drastically - it was a real shock!
  4. StartEducation

    StartEducation New commenter

    Hi. I am a senior examiner with one of the major exam boards. If you want any support or advice please just let me know. Feel free to contact me through this forum or directly by going to my profile.
  5. co803cm

    co803cm New commenter

    Hi 'Start Education' . I'm in the same position as the posters above - Edexcel AS & A level results, particularly the A level drastically marked down and all grades about 1.5 lower than expected.
    So, the question is, when we have followed board training / advice / instruction and marking methodology.... why have the exam boards at the last moment now raised the bar so unfairly?

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