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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Fozz725, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi there, I am a trainee teacher just about to do my final placement and I was finding it difficult to come up with a lesson regarding the food chain of a pond. I have thought about doing some sort of role-play where children can act out being the different pond creatures and adapt it to include the food chain.
    Any other ideas?
  2. Oops forgot to mention it is for a Primary One class
  3. Your idea sounds good to me. You could also get some pictures of the creatures ready to support this.
  4. I used to work at a field centre so the best thing would be to actually do some pond dipping. But if it's not possible I used to introduce pond dipping with a food chain game which is probably what you were planning. I used to have some large pictures on string that I could put on each child and give them some string to hold to join them together in the chain. For older groups you can then turn it into a web by adding more joins. You can then take one child away due to disease and show the effect it has on the chain. You can also ask the children to point out adaptations ,
    athough the actual term might be beyond them they will recognise that a dragonfly nymph has large jaws to eat other animals.
  5. Thats some very good ideas there Naseypie. I initially thought of having the children form a kind of conga line but the string idea seems perfect for this.
    Thank you.

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