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Pomodoro Technique is a life saver!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by mattythomson85, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. mattythomson85

    mattythomson85 New commenter

    I don't know if I've posted this in the right place, literally just made an account to post this! I teach Year 7 - 11 Science (but I'm thinking about going into Primary in the soon future - anyway...).

    I just spent the last two hours of my day yesterday presenting this to our Headteacher and he seemed really impressed and has advised all teachers to try it out in our school. I saw a documentary on ADHD that said taking frequent short break to allow the brain to rest and refocus was and should be the first option before turning to medication. It talked about something called the Pomodoro Technique -where you have a timer and study/work for 25 minutes and then break for 5 minutes and then repeat. It allows the mind to take a breather and keeps you focused for longer.

    There are plenty of apps but I use one called Promo Timer on my iPad, (if I find the link, I'll add it underneath) but any app works fine to be honest. And for kids you want to shorten it to 8 minutes of work and 2 minutes break.

    The Promo Timer app is my favourite because it's children friendly and it has both the work time and break time on one screen so the kids can see how long till the next break. If you don't want ads you can get the paid version which is well worth the few quid in my opinion!

    I tried it out last week - I went from dishing out disciplinary to at least 2 kids in each class to nothing - not a single disciplinary whatsoever. I am over the moon. Some of my students are even using the app and technique at home.

    I thought this was some new revolutionary thing but apparently this Pomodoro technique has been around a long time. If only I had known. I've only been using it for a couple weeks in total now but will check in and let you guys know how things play out.
  2. mattythomson85

    mattythomson85 New commenter

    Also, would love to hear what anyone thinks. Today 8 teachers tried it out in my school and are very impressed and happy. Super chuffed. Anyone else got any experiences to share?

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