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Polyhydramnios / excess amniotic fluid, any experiences?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by becky22w, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. HI i got diagnosed with this yesterday at 38 weeks pg. i live in germany so things work a bit differently here and they don't seem to like to give the patient too much information. plus i dont speak german!they sent me for an emergency ultrasound at the hospital and took more bloods.
    on the spring babies group someone mentioned that there's a winter babies lady who had this? singing redhead maybe? i was just wondering how it's treated, what the procedure is in the uk.
    also baby has one enlarged kidney which must be scanned after birth, hoping that's nothing to worry about.
    any advice or experiences much appreciated!
    becky x
  2. Hi Becky - I had this from about 24wks - I was huge and belly as tight as a drum. They gave me a pain killer that is meant to suppress the amount of fluid being produced. Had this twice to get me to 30 wks. They then admitted me for 3 days and gave me a steroid that would develop baby's lungs early as they thought that the weight of all the fluid would cause my waters to break any time. Baby then had a massive growth spurt so had a c-section at 34wks. He was 7lb!
    At 38wks I'm sure they won't intervene but I remember my obstetrician saying one of the concerns if I had the baby naturally was that if my waters broke on their own the weight of all the fluid would probably cause them to break quite forcefully and could drag the umbilical cord as wel. This could cause the placenta to detatch and I would need an emergency c-section under general as they wouldn't have time for a spinal block. The other problem could be oxygen deprivation if the cord was wrapped around baby's neck when waters broke. I had weekly scans to try and look for this.
    If it was possible for a natural birth they were going to induce at 36wks but said it would be highly unlikely as with so much fluid the baby floats around, constantly changing position and because it was so bouyant it would be hard for the head to engage.
    She did explain that all of these were extremely rare and my polyhydramnious was off the charts - more than 4l of fluid!
    Can you get an interpreter to go with you to your next appointment? Good luck and I'm sure if they were very worried they would have kept you in - at 38 wks you are full term
  3. Hi Becky - I had excess fluid everywhere - and after the birth I'm not sure quite how confident they were that it actually was polyhydramneous - I was an incrediably unusual case. Everything that Andi H said sounds familiar though - and their main concern with me was when they induced me at 39 weeks they did it on the labour ward with one to one care etc. They were also concerned that if I went out in a wheelchair or with my stick for a walk with visitors that I came straight back if my waters broke (who wouldn;t anyway!)
    At this late stage I'm not sure it would make any difference to you and your delivery - good luck
    SR and LO 3 weeks
  4. Thanks guys, you've reassured me that mine is not actually so bad! i'm just so uncomfortable and it was a big shock as i've had no problems up til now. went to the docs again today and i don't have any infections and the fluid hasn't increased so i just have to keep resting and waiting! she is going to monitor the fluid levels every 5 days and induce if they increase. congrats on your babies ladies and thanks again x


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