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Pointless Interview

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sunlover07, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I was just wondering if anyone else had ever had the same (extremely annoying) experience as I had last week. I live approximately 100 miles from my home town and have done so for the past 7/8 years. For family reasons myself and my partner have decided to move back there. I have applied for loads of jobs and was offered an interview last week I had to take an unpaid day off work and pay £56 in train fares, ask a family member to collect me from the train station and drive me to my parents house (a 2 hour round trip for them) and spent a LOT of tme preparing an activity which I had been asked to carry out with the children.
    This would all have been acceptable IF the interview process had been fair. Although the school tried to hide it, they had 2 internal candidates for thr job. (They made them wear visitors passes etc). I knew I would not get the job as soon as I realised this. After the interview I was told by a family friend who knows one of the internal candidates that the HT had told her the job was hers and interviewing other people was just a formality.I know it's quite common for this to happen BUT they knew from my covering letter that I would have to travel for the interview. I jst feel that they have wasted my time.If I had lost out to a better person in a fair interview I could accept this but I'm fuming!!
    Sorry for the rant but this has really annoyed me!![​IMG]
    SL xx
  2. Yes, twice where I definately knew I was making up the numbers. First time I was up against the PGCE student and a teacher that had been on supply for most of the year and the second time in a Catholic boy's school where the only other candidate was a nice Irish Catholic NQT who told me all about the Catholic teaching certificate he had taken! Both times I lost a day's pay, but did not have the journey you did! I also have a friend who lives in London and had obvious pointless interviews in Brighton and then Bristol (she was willing to relocate as no ties).
    I think it happens all the time.
  3. Very interested to read your experiences. The bottom line appears to be that schools can do whatever they want and they do. Funny this when we spend all day trying to teach children to be fair!
  4. Good point!
    " Do as I say not as I do" ?

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