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Poetry interview lesson help...please?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Hubbub, May 21, 2008.

  1. hi
    just thought his might help. I did some work on poetry with a class of year 3. I was asked to do alliteration creating sentences using the same letter for the words in a sentence if you can. Examples such as (Dizzy Dora dribbled dreadfully}
    Wobbly will wiggled his wellies, Jumping jenny jumped joyfully. cheeky charlie..........
    You could think of some funny endings etc

    good luck
  2. hcnip

    hcnip New commenter

    roger mcgough's 'imaginary menagerie' - use some examples then write own - i used this a lot when i was in y1/2 and y2/3 classes
  3. Thanks very much for your help...some good ideas to think about!!
  4. mrmatt

    mrmatt New commenter

    What about acting poems with expression. Find a funny poem about teachers/children at school, and talk about using expression, movement, acting etc. Could be quite a noisy lesson however.
  5. haj


    you could look at nonsense poem like ning nang nong one and then get children to write theri own nonsense owns in pairs, using the ning nang nong as framework- Ive done this before and its worked very well

    hope that helps
  6. Hi KatyL, good luck with the interview tomorrow. I can't really add anything else to the excellent ideas other than perhaps looking at Michael Rosen or Pie Corbett poems for inspiration.
    I'm being a pedant here (I hope you don't mind :) it probably won't matter unless you're writing it up somewhere but it is spelt humorous. Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow.
  7. Ha, thanks...note to self...learn how to spell!!
  8. lol Katy. If it's any consolation, I looked it up. I knew it didn't look right but... best of luck tomorrow ;)
  9. How about 'Gran can you rap?' by Jack Oslen, fab poem for drama - get the children in groups and act out a verse each. Got me a job!!
  10. Hi, just wondered how you used the ning nang nong as a framework for chn writing own poems as I am thinking of using this!
  11. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

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