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poems about horses

Discussion in 'English' started by Jezza1, May 3, 2011.

  1. My 12 year old daughter needs to recite a poem in class. She has chosen her favourite subject of horses. Can anyone suggest any poems or guide us to some websites please? Thank you [​IMG]
  2. My 12 year old daughter needs to recite a poem in class. She has chosen her favourite subject of horses. Can anyone suggest any poems or guide us to some websites please? Thank you [​IMG]
  3. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    Ted Hughes, The Horses

    I climbed through woods in the hour-before-dawn dark.

    Evil air, a frost-making stillness,

    Not a leaf, not a bird -

    A world cast in frost. I came out above the wood

    Where my breath left tortuous statues in the iron light.

    But the valleys were draining the darkness

    Till the moorline - blackening dregs of the brightening grey -

    Halved the sky ahead. And I saw the horses:

    Huge in the dense grey - ten together -

    Megalith-still. They breathed, making no move,

    with draped manes and tilted hind-hooves,

    Making no sound.

    I passed: not one snorted or jerked its head.

    Grey silent fragments

    Of a grey silent world.

    I listened in emptiness on the moor-ridge.

    The curlew's tear turned its edge on the silence.

    Slowly detail leafed from the darkness. Then the sun

    Orange, red, red erupted

    Silently, and splitting to its core tore and flung cloud,

    Shook the gulf open, showed blue,

    And the big planets hanging -

    I turned

    Stumbling in the fever of a dream, down towards

    The dark woods, from the kindling tops,

    And came to the horses.

    There, still they stood,

    But now steaming and glistening under the flow of light,

    Their draped stone manes, their tilted hind-hooves

    Stirring under a thaw while all around them

    The frost showed its fires. But still they made no sound.

    Not one snorted or stamped,

    Their hung heads patient as the horizons,

    High over valleys in the red levelling rays -

    In din of crowded streets, going among the years, the faces,

    May I still meet my memory in so lonely a place

    Between the streams and the red clouds, hearing the curlews,

    Hearing the horizons endure.
  4. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    Not a poem but a song:
    Smog - Let Me See The Colts
    Knocked on your door at dawn

    With a spark in my heart

    Dragged you from your bed

    And said let me see the colts

    Let me see the colts

    That will run next year

    Show them to a gambling man

    Thinking of the future

    Have you been drinking no

    Nor sleeping

    The all-seeing all-knowing eye is dog tired

    And just wants to see the colts

    We walked out through

    The dew dappled brambles

    And sat upon the fence

    Is there anything as still as sleeping horses

    Is there anything as still as sleeping horses
  5. Thank you so much, read this and had a shiver down my spine!
  6. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    One with a nice galloping rhythm for reading:

    Windy Nights Robert Louis Stevenson

    <table align="CENTER" bgcolor="#ffffff" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

    <tr><td>WHENEVER the moon and stars are set,</td><td align="right"><a name="1">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td> Whenever the wind is high,</td><td align="right"><a name="2">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td>All night long in the dark and wet,</td><td align="right"><a name="3">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td> A man goes riding by.</td><td align="right"><a name="4">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td>Late in the night when the fires are out,</td><td align="right"><a name="5">[/URL] 5</td></tr>

    <tr><td>Why does he gallop and gallop about?</td><td align="right"><a name="6">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td> </td></tr>

    <tr><td>Whenever the trees are crying aloud,</td><td align="right"><a name="7">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td> And ships are tossed at sea,</td><td align="right"><a name="8">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td>By, on the highway, low and loud,</td><td align="right"><a name="9">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td> By at the gallop goes he.</td><td align="right"><a name="10">[/URL] 10</td></tr>

    <tr><td>By at the gallop he goes, and then</td><td align="right"><a name="11">[/URL] </td></tr>

    <tr><td>By he comes back at the gallop again.</td></tr></table>
  7. Thank you Spassky, you have given us plenty to think about [​IMG]

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