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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dangermouse_2007, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    What equipment do people use for this?

    Where do you buy it from?
  2. Microphones and headphones.
  3. Please ignore the trolls, tiresome though they are...

    We have:

    Built in mics on some PCs

    2x Zoom H1 recorders (jigsaw 24, c. £100 each)

    A USB mixing desk and a single XLR condenser mic with stand (£3/400 worth of kit, albeit 5 years old now)

    All you need is the ability to record, the ability to edit and the ability to share it somewhere. Budget is precisely the length of a piece of string, but to get top notch quality you need a recording studio and some very expensive stuff.

    Best buy is a pop shield at around a tenner (or you can make your own with a small hoop and an old pair of tights)
  4. Or just go buy some microphones and headphones from shops. Getting started is not complicated or costly.
  5. For some real advice- sorry boys....
    Yes to the shops bought microphones.headphones.
    You can use software - 'Audacity' - free software download- we've been using for ages with no issues.
    Our school lucky to have Apple Macs- so we also use Garageband.
    Additionally you can pruchase Podium software- site licenses for schools.
    Or try using SAM Animation (free download)- Just Google it. This is actually stop motion animation software- but you don't have to use it like this- can use the paint feaure to create images, upload photos and also record- two tracks so can record voice and upload music/ sound effects. Have fun- we do this with year 8, year 11 and have taken out to primary schools.
  6. Except for the poor way in which it saves - loads of files in a data folder that quickly eats away at storage space. Great program though.

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