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PM Benchmark????

Discussion in 'Primary' started by saf_nqt, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Has anyone done this PM benchmark???

    Just looking at it is giving me a headache :(

    and i have to start it 2moro!!!

    :( :(
  2. love it...whats wrong???
  3. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    I use it half termy but have to agree the book makes it far too complicated - I don't do all those symbols and things - just something that makes sense to me and gives me an assessment of their book band level.

  4. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    I too love it.....
  5. i don't get it!!!

    I'm year 1. Not even sure how many books i should choose. What level??

    I have 5 groups in my class.

    Should i give level 1 to my lowers??

    Level 30 is to high!!

    Do you give each group the same book?

    What do i do when i actually hear the child read.

    What are the important parts???

    Tick - if right
  6. whoaaaaaaaaaa... first of all do you have them reading any other books? what level are they on? do they take books home?
  7. EBD35, by the way,,,my video arrived..I went to play it and it a jarbled mess???? will have to try it again..

    sarah, I do the same... makeup my own symbols as I go!!!!
  8. What is PM benchmark?
  9. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    I'm year 1. Not even sure how many books i should choose. What level?? - Do you use the book banding system in your school and for your group reading - if so trhen you shoudl have some idea of which bookband and then level to start from (I'm pretty sure there is a table (poss at back of book) which shows the levels that are attached to each band. If you have made teacher assessments of their current sub-level in reading you coudl also use this as a guide where to start.

    Should i give level 1 to my lowers?? - Some of my very poorest year 1's are still on level 1!!!

    Level 30 is to high!! - my most able Year 1 can read level 30 - but most children are coming out between band 3 and 6 (sorry can't remember the levels without looking at the table)

    Do you give each group the same book? - Only if their reading ability is very similar but you should try to match a book level to an individual child.

    What do i do when i actually hear the child read. - this is explained quite well in the teachers handbook - basically i get the child to look through the book and then we talk about what they have seen, the title, front cover etc and then ask them to start reading and whilst they read complete the running record sheet and note any reading behaviours etc on the reverse side of the sheet. After reading turn the sheet over and ask them to retell what they have read and complete the comprehension questions. Then work out the accuracy rate using the example in the teachers book and then that will give you a percentage which will tell you whether this level is too hard/easy/just right.

    What are the important parts??? - I don't worry too much about the self correction rate - I take more notice of the accuracy /error rate and the reading behaviours and ability to answer comprehension questions.

    Hope that helps!!
  10. I thought it was the stain he left on the seats behind the dispatch box ;)
  11. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    Nutty06 - PM Benchmark is a file of levelled books and sort of running record sheets whcih allow you to assess which bookband the children are on.
  12. So not a stain then?

    Nutty's PA here: She has just shouted across the room in reply 'but doesn't having your books banded anyway mean you can do that?'
  13. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    Yes I suppose so but we have both available in our school and because the Benchmark books are only made for the kit, the children have not met these books before in guided reading, as home readers etc etc.
  14. 2 questions now remain:

    What is PM?
    What kit?

    Are they related? Three questions then!

    Nutty not being awkward but not at laptop at mo!
  15. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    I think PM stands for Progress for Meaning and teh kit is basically the folder with the books for each level, the running record type sheets and teacher handbook. It is produced by Nelson Thornes and this is what I copied from the web -

    PM resources
    Benchmark Kits

    The PM Benchmark Kit is an assessment tool which corresponds exactly to Book Banks for Guided Reading.
    Includes Fiction and Non-fiction high quality texts that are interesting and exctiting to children
    Helps you to ascertain what strategies children use effectively when reading and which they need to bring to their repetoires

    Hope that helps!!
  16. Nutty says this clarifies it!! Can't say it does for me but I wasn't asking for me!!

    Food for thought as there is going to be a new lit coord in her school from Sept and she was looking for ideas.
  17. Huge thanks for that Sarah Warren. Makes sense! Something to go on my long list of investigating!!!!
  18. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    No probs Nutty - we are an infant school and find it quite useful and all year groups use it as it becomes relevant for each child, so I think it is quite good that all staff are using the same system to get one of their assessments of a childs reading level. It seems pretty accurate and the children quite enjoy it strangely enough - particularly as they get an individual teachers undivided time! For most book band levels there are 2 or 3 sublevels so you can be a low/medium/high Band 6 reader for instance.
  19. Makes sense to all follow the same reading assessments. Much more accurate for todays climate :) Many thanks!
  20. Sarah Warren

    Sarah Warren Occasional commenter

    I have my 28 sheets ready and named ready for me tomorrow!! I am hoping not to be too disappointed with them if they don't jump up a band - it doesn't seem like yesterday that we were checking them last time!

    Just for info there is a Kit 1 and a Kit 2 and it is useful to have both in school so that if you have children who make very slow progress at least you have more than one book at each level.

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