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PM advice please

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by bed, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. bed

    bed New commenter

    I'm asking on behalf of a HT in a CE Primary school
    What do you do when you agree in your PM meeting with the Governors in October that you've substantially met your targets from the previous year, but then hear in December that they've decided to NOT award you the pay increment because last year's results were low?
    (Cohort = 11 Year 6 pupils including 4 SEN)

    The school is receiving advice and support from the LA and the HT has been praised repeatedly in LA meetings and SIP reports.
    And the latest SIAS inspection was v good and the latest SIAS officer's visit praised the school and HT too.

  2. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    As a HT I have always met all targets and have this year had an outstanding for the school for every category from OFSTED - no increment expected as the school can't afford it.
    Was an increment an inevitable response to meeting targets or just a hope?
  3. SIAS inspections should co incide with Ofsted, what was that like?
    That the school "cannot afford it" is absolutely no excuse if you are not at the top of your ***.
    Contact your union or prof association for advice and support. If all that fails, get another post.
  4. I was hoping this post was from Rt Hon David Cameron PM.
  5. bed

    bed New commenter

    My understanding from the HT is that a number of colleagues in local schools have also agreed to forgo their incremental pay increase because of budget difficulties.
    However in her case there was room in the budget for this increment, for all other staff increments etc.
    So such an agreement was not the case.
    She repeatedly says that it isn't the money that's the issue - but the priciple.

    It appears that it's going to go to a formal appeal in the New Year. She has the NAHT involved and has informed the SIP.
    She has Notes of visit from SIAS and SIP and other Diocesan and LA people which single her out for praise in terms of her performance and the fact that all the improvement (which is Huge ) in the school is down to her work.
    She's on the sofa, poorly right now - drained - plus she's dealing with all the family stuff I've got going on at the moment .

    Thank you for your advice and comments - please keep contributing.

    PS - last Ofsted and SIAS both v good; recent monitoring visits by sias and LA have been even better and informal visits have produced Notes of visit that are excellent (sic)
  6. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Why is she dealing with your family stuff??
    I agree with the above posts - finances has nothing to do with getting, or not getting, increments. If she has done such a good job then the school should be thinking about doing all it can to ensure she stays. If they can't see that then she should start applying elsewhere, and make sure she lets the Governors know why she is leaving. It seems to very much depend upon a school's size and its Local Authority as to whether finances are a real issue at present.
  7. hmm... sounds a bit like 'a friend of mine has a problem and would like some advice ...' I think the give away, as missbloggs has suggested, is the mention of 'all the family stuff I've got going on at the moment'.
    Pathetic, literally.

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