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Plymouth - anyone else hear today?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Elrancho1, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I was very pleased to receive an email this afternoon telling me I've got a place provided they get the funding [​IMG] Did anyone else hear today?
  2. I was very pleased to receive an email this afternoon telling me I've got a place provided they get the funding [​IMG] Did anyone else hear today?
  3. Congratulation, Elrancho1! When was your interview -- were you there on the 27th Jan or was your interview earlier???
  4. Getting a little bit ahead of myself - did you apply for PGCE Primary or Secondary???!
  5. Hey,
    Yes I recieved an email yesterday which said they were intending on offering me a place on the condition of funding being provided- they should know by the end of feb! for a definate decision.
    what courses have you applied for/ been accepted to?
    I applied for PGCE Drama secondary, my interview was on 2nd December! so happy to hear and the potential news depending on the goverment that I have got in!
    would be great to speak to others who have applied to UOP and have potentially got a place!
    wishing you all the best of luck!
  6. Thanks, and congratulations missvictoriabrown!
    I applied for secondary citizenship and was interviewed on January 13.
  7. They seem to have been firming up primary offers; has anyone received a firm offer for secondary yet? The GTTR is still recording me as 'interview' and saying the course has no vacancies. I emailed the uni and they said they were still making decisions after receiving the funding allocation. Anyone any idea what's going on?
  8. Elrancho,
    I am still too waiting.My GTTR page says the same.
    I am secondary, as you know! so hopefully they will be issusing out firm offers soon.
    Live in hope!
  9. In fact, the GTTR says they're full for drama, primary and lower primary too. I hope that just means they've interviewed enough people to fill their allocations!
  10. Elrancho,
    It said that before funding was announced. So I'm not concerned that it says 'course full'- I think it says that so they dont continue getting applications. There is only 9 places on the drama course so it makes no sense having hundreds of applications.
    I know its a worrying and stressful time. But we just have to wait it out and be patient. I'm sure we will hear in time. Hopefully soon!
    I do feel like they would have sent me an email saying subject to funding we want to offer you a place if they were not interested.
    We will only know the answers when we hear, so its just a case of holding on because speculating with just drive us mad.
    But I can sympathise how everyone is feeling. Other Uni's have started to offer places. So I'm sure we will know soon. The uni's were in the same situation as us until 2 weeks ago- so they are probably equally under pressure choosing candiates as well as working with the current students. I have friends on PGCE course at different Universities and they are currently doing their essays which gives masters points and majority of the students I know are currently in uni at the moment rather than placement.
    They have to deal with the current students first then they will move on to us. Maybe primary candiates are in schools so the lectures have more time to reach a decision than secondary.
    Just trying to think of all the positives!
    But as long we keep prospective plymouth students updated with what we hear, I'm sure it will easy our anxious feelings.
    Hope this spin on it, make you feel a bit better that we have no heard. NO news is good news and all that :)

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