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Plumbing Problems!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by BertieBassett2, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    not what you might think...
    What are the chances of my under sink cupboard springing a leak at the same time as the push button on my toilet cistern decides not to actually push down? On a Sunday as well! At least I have a good local plumber who is coming tomorrow.
    This is of no interest to anyone, but it is the silly season and news is slow.
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  2. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    That whole paragraph could have a really rude second meaning!
  3. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Lol @Doitforfree, the only intended pun was in the title! Now I've re-read it, I see what you mean! (Hangs head in shame...)
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  4. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    No need. It have me a good laugh. Hope your 'plumber' sorts you out.:D:D:D
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  5. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    If you're lucky, I could give a blow-by-blow account of his visit...
    Gah, no Bertie!
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  6. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    She really should have posted this on the Problem Page...
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  7. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Well, Dunty, as you've popped up (as it were) what would your advice be?
  8. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Well, Bertie, you need a man to thrutch your pipes, love! They might be bunged up through lack of use.
    Whatever you do, don't let him anywhere near your S bend!:eek:

    Aunty D
  9. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    I trust you won't need to use the lavatory before the plumber comes or can manage to carry buckets of water to flush the toilet with.

    Here are obsrvations about plumbing:

    It ought to be the simplest task in a home to undertake, but for some unaccountable reason, it's always made more complicated by kitchen and bathroom fitters than it needs to be. Actually, it's probably interior designers who are mosly at fault, since they hate the idea of pipework spoiling the clean lines.

    There really isn't anything complicated about plumbing repairs, apart from getting access to the bits that need fixing.

    I had a problem with a flush button not working last year, but it was a different arrangement to yours, @BertieBassett2, insofar as the button wasn't a push down one. The cistern was hidden behind a partition wall, with the button fitted in the wall. In this instance, the button operates a cable which pulls a lever on the flush valve. The cable had got stuck and needed a bit of lubrication to make it work again.

    That was simple enough to do, but it required getting access to it through a small access door fitted in the wall. Behind the wall, it's pitch black, so everything has to be done by feel. I removed the flush valve, lubricated the cable and the button worked perfectly again, but then the toilet wasn't flushing properly.

    It seemed that something had blocked the pipe from the cistern to the toilet. I rumaged around in the dark, with my arm poked through the small window and in the pipe down to the toilet I found a wooden disk with a 1/4" hole through the centre. I recognied it as being likely to be the part cut out of the wall panel to create the hole for the flush button to fit. My guess is that the bathroom fitters were cowboys and this disk had been lying in the cistern from the day the bathroom was installed, and found its way into the pipe when it was washed there when I removed the flush valve.

    I suspect it's possible for @BertieBassett2 to lever out the button from the top of the cistern and press the spigot the button sits on as a temporary way to flush the toilet.

    On a separate note, when I first encountered the flush valve as an alternative to the syphon that was traditionally used in cisterns, I though "What a brilliant idea." It allows the cistern to fill far more quickly and requires less maintenence. In theory, it ought to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before they were made on the cheap and consequently cause the sort of problems that Bertie is experiencing.

    What might we learn from this?

    Well one thing we might learn is that companies that offer cut-price bathrooms will use cut-price goods. It's only a matter of time before everyone uses them so they can compete.
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  10. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

  11. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Thank you for such a comprehensive reply, DoY! Amazingly I have managed to do whatever it was you said with the spigot thingy. I removed the cistern top and have been flushed with success!
  12. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Well, Dunty, let’s hope my pipes are well and truly thrutched after the plumber’s visit....
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  13. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    Au contraire! I am very interested in toilets as I spend a lot of time in them. I'm a dab hand with the plunger and have been known to adjust/replace my ballcock on a number of occasions. I trust you've contacted the bank for funds to cover the bill?
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  14. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Hopefully @Shedman it will just be a matter of twiddling here and there, maybe a bit of tightening? (I think this thread might be pulled by the Mods if it gets any more ambiguous...)
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  15. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    Sometimes my spigot gets stuck but I find a sharp tap in just the right place usually corrects it.
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  16. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I've taken out emergency insurance cover with Surewise . It does give me peace of mind.
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  17. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    Daughter announced yesterday that the loo in the annexe (shed) is making strange noise, not filling properly......
    Phoned plumber today. First warning was when the receptionists said "You are aware of our prices aren't you?"
    I was told they could come this afternoon..... of course that would be £99 for the first hour....
    I decided there was no need to rush ...so it is wed pm £66 for first hour then near £18 per 15 mins afterwards....

    Better get out a bank loan then.
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  18. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    It'd be cheaper to get yearly cover with Homeserve! They come out the same day. We certainly had our money's worth out of them in the other house, especially when water dripped through the bedroom celing in the middle of the night!
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  19. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    This is what bothers me in this house. Three loos, boxed in cisterns hidden by lovely tiling. How the hell do you get at them?
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  20. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Although, thinking about it, the push button flush thingy has a large 'metal' surround, so I suppose that prises off to reveal the workings...
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