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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by almika, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hi, I want to put the PLTS into my SoW for Food KS3 and wondered if anyone else has anything that might help with this?

  2. Hi, I want to put the PLTS into my SoW for Food KS3 and wondered if anyone else has anything that might help with this?

  3. Practical Learning Tasks - do you mean?
  4. Hi - Thanks for the reply!
    I actually mean Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. I was quite surprised not more people responded to this as it seems to be next big thing... the latest addition to the curriculum by the QCA. Perhaps I am a little late?! I've been told that they ought to be included in our Schemes of Work. I have, since posting the message added them using a coding system. e.g. IE1, RL2 etc.
    The 6 areas are: Independent Enquirers, Creative Thinkers, Reflective Learners, Team Work, Self Managers & Effective Partcipators.
    Does this ring any bells? If you want to see my SoW I'm happy to send it to you as an example of how I did it.
  5. Try looking at www.Kaganonline.com or the http://www.t2tuk.co.uk/ website as there are loads of Co-operative learning structures, some of which they post every month. teacher to teacher is the licenced Uk company for delivering Kagan training. Get on some of the training if you live in Cheshire or nearby. I think it is great, having been on several courses and I work in birmingham. I think i have uploaded some of the ways I use it in my D&T teaching even with Food.
    Look at dominoes as well.
    planning a meal they will make as a team
    inviting a visitor to entertain
    mini enterprise for a charity event.
  6. Thanks bubblegum,

    I'll check these sites out. I actually found that I have already encorporated these skills into my Schemes of Work without realising it, so identifying where they were was quite easy.
    Thank you for your suggestions though.


  7. Hi Almika.
    I also have been asked to add PLTS to our 'scheme of *learning* (how previous are we!) I would really really appreciate seeing how you did it on yours.
    To tell you the truth, I'm squirming about all this. I'm a history teacher - turned food teacher, and the only one teaching it, no HOD, faculty system etc etc! I'm learning as I go - been doing it for the past year and a half and am realising that there is a lot to amend. I would desperately like some support and training - feel this winging it thing can only last so long.

    Many thanks. [​IMG]
  8. Our LEA has issued PLTS Passports which have been issued to the y7's for the last two year but we are converting it to an eportfolio system for all yrs from September.
    We highlight in the lesson what area of PLTS a particular lesson/ task may cover and then the students record it in their passport as evidence (as a homework). We often find that we are naturally covering most of them e.g. reflecting/evaluating their work, working as part of a team, selecting suitable research, time management in practical lessons etc
  9. vcollier, is there any chance of telling which LEA this is, it does sound quite a sensible system, compared to the system in our school where we (all subjects) are all supposed to record the PLTS.
  10. Hi,

    I think that Food tech applies PLTS in many ways anyway and lends itself well to it. Eg Time management, team work, taking risks, being creative, being self managers

  11. This sounds very sensible - the way our school is trying to do this s totally ridiculous if you ask me!
  12. How can I send it to you?

  13. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

  14. Youre in the best area to impliment this. Through the very nature of the subject, any design technology teacher has been focusing on the development of these personal attributes long before they have been labelled. Plts is just a list of words of generic outcomes. Its simple....if you are embarking on some team work, then you are encouraging effective participants. If you are asking them to self evaluate, peer assess action EBIs....youre developing reflective practitioners. If you are asking them to come up with design ideas for a new dish.....youre developing creative thinkers, you get my drift? We do all this stuff anyway in dt. Dont worry about it...
  15. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    My opinion, its a flash in the pan... do as little as possible simply enough to keep managment quiet.
    It'll have been replaced with something else soon enough. (after a massive push last year, our place have eased off and by next september the whole thing will be an obscure memory)
  16. I agree with Big Pedro. These were mentioned in my school a couple of years ago and not mentioned it since. Most DT lessons cover these on a lesson by lesson basis. A mention in your scheme of work overview should be enough[​IMG] Ofsted came in last term and didnt even look at the schemes let alone mention PLTs!!!! (We got Outstanding by the way)

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