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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by laura5899, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have to create some PLTS resources for Unit 7.4 - Spreadsheets and I don't really know where to begin. Any suggestions of useful websites/resources or any suggestions of what I could would be really appreciated.

  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    For the more senile members of the group - like myself
    PLTS - Personal, learning and thinking skills
  3. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Which contains 6 strands;
    • Creative thinkers
    • Effective participators
    • Self-managers
    • Independant Enquirers
    • Reflective learners
    • Team Workers
    As for resources, do not make the mistake of planning your lessons solely based on these strands. The outcome of any lesson is to learn something, and these are descriptors that indicate the general type of learning done. Plan like normal, and then peg it to some of the strands - you'll never hit all of them.
  4. Take PLTS with a pinch of salt. I predict that they'll be history with the new tory National Curriculum. Be aware of them but don't waste your time with any in-depth curriculum mapping against them. They'll be consigned to the 'fad' dustbin of educational terms and initiatives before too long.

  5. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    We take PLTS from a different dimension. Pupils can go to a webpage and click the PLTS' they feel they've hit today and it records them with a note of what they did. At the end of the unit it totals up what PLTS' they've hit and teachers get a record of this per class. It's a mini-game for pupils to hit all their PLTS' consistenly in the year. They like it, and for OFSTED safety purposes "suggested PLTS' arae built into Lesson Plans"
  6. The only part of this that is a 'fad' IMO is the name. A well balanced SOW should already develop these important life skills. You will probably need to consider the opportunities that students are being provided with in terms of learning activities as opposed to resources.
  7. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    jweb2k I was interested in your reply re students going to a webpage to record PLTS. How have you set this up? Do they have some sort of private space or is it shared with other students? Do staff monitor this?
  8. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    Sorry just realised you have already stated that teachers get a record per class.
  9. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    Yes, it picks up their username etc from AD and drops it into the database. They are supposed to save each PLTS sheet they do as a PDF (click a button and it generates) and put it in their home area, but that's sketchy - hence the need for the backend database recording it for teachers. Teacher login gives you access to info for your class.
  10. Thanks everyone for replying.
    Tosbrown I can see where your coming from but I really like the incorporation of PLTS in a scheme of work, I think children should be given skills like teamwork, reflective learner etc in every subject, I think many children believe that teachers should just give them the answers, and I try hard to get them to be more independent and to actually THINK!.
    However, the task I am set with is for an enrichment activity. I have to create a set of resources that give me the opportunity to be experimental with my teaching. I selected PLTS but I am unsure what types of resources I could create for Year 7 spreadsheets. I was just asking for some suggestions.
  11. I think that true thinking skills are an essential part of the curriculum - ICT or otherwise.
    As an aside: If you've never come mindtools.com - they pitch a 'toolbox' type approach to learning discrete thinking skills and have plenty of freebie outside their subscription material.
    True thinking and learning tools ('mind tools') will never be out of fashion. Perhaps 'PLTS' as a definition and its place in the National Curriculum is arguably a fad. I think it will go with the new NC along with any lasting requirement to map it out in schemes of work, school accountability etc.

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