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please sign petition for overseas trained teachers

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by jakkels2009, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Please sign this online petition at the address below.


    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Sign an agreement
    between the UK and Commonwealth countries, to accept their teaching
    qualifications and grant automatic QTS to their teachers who have
    taught effectively in the UK for more than four years
  2. Very good u have done this but there isn't enough signatures-can u promote this? What about programs like Richard and Judy? BBC? We need to get MORE to sign-email it??? Any suggestions.....
  3. I have signed up, but are we serious about this?
    I agree that promoting it would be the way to go as I only just stumbled upon it myself.
  4. Have we won??!!!!! Micheal Gove announced awarding QTS to Commonwealth trained Teachers!!! Yippeeee-
  5. We have one!!!but it might be too late for us as the job market is dire....

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