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Please review my GCSE revision site

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by studymaths, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a secondary maths teacher and have spent the last year learning how to create a website:

    studymaths.co.uk is the fruits of my labour!

    I would be grateful if you could check it out and give me some feedback.

    The main sections which I have put most effort into are:

    GCSE questions - slightly modified from past papers and self marking.

    Maths workout - interactive randomly generated worksheets on various maths topics

    Coffee break - maths games I have invented to try and get my pupils more engaged in maths!

    I would really appreciate any comments on how I could improve it to make it more useful for teachers/students.


  2. Jonny
    For me:
    Good points
    • Worksheets would be good starters for lessons
    • Its free
    • Good glossary
    Areas for development
    • Site looks very 'off the shelf' and a little unprofessional
    • The depth of topics is limited and doesnt really cover much higher material or testing stuff
    • You may want to simply label topics as 'H', 'F' or 'H/F' so pupils know which ones they need to focus on
  3. It's excellent!
  4. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    I have had a quick look and it looks impressive. I like the way you have made it clear when calcs are allowed and put the formulae in seperated out for tiers of papers.
    I haven't looked in great detail, it may be useful to have printable versions of the worksheets.
    Generally looks good, thanks for sharing it.
  5. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    looks good.
    I found an error:
    on the equation x^3 -25 = 103-x^3. You stated that the answer x^3 is 4. Either x^3=64 or x=4. I presume you meant the latter!
  6. To googolplex:

    Thanks for spotting the error, it's much appreciated. I've fixed it now.

    To lancsHOD:

    Yes, printable worksheets are a good idea. I'll put it on my 'to do' list for the 6 weeks holiday!

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

    To stevencarrwork:

    Thank you!

    To Betamale:

    Thanks for the feedback. I tend to create worksheets to complement what I am currently teaching to my classes. This year I have had two C-D borderline sets hence the focus on these grades. I hope during the summer break I will add to the higher level material though.

    I agree with the lableling of topics, that shouldn't be too much trouble to implement.

    May I ask why you think the site looks 'off the shelf'? I designed the site from scratch to try and avoid this exact problem! I have had critism of the use of 'Comis Sans' for the site.

    Again, thanks for all the feedback,



    P.S. Thought I'd mention a few of my favourite starter activities I use:

    Multiplication grids

    Venn Diagrams

    Common Misconceptions
  7. I think the site looks like a free template available for anyone who wants to design their own website from home. Content apart, it could be argued that the site looks like a school project from an ICT student and is not very slick.
    Its heavily dated, high on google ads, low on 'up to date' graphics and a bit clunky.
    I am not questionning the intent or content but as an appealing site for kids I think it could be slicker and agree on the comic sans font.
    This is quite appealing to kids
    This too is quite nice and not OTT in terms of what can be done from home
  8. I don't like the mathletics site, but the s-cool site looks good. It has a little bit of animation, which makes for another delivery channel for the information.
  9. I appreciate that. Perhaps not the best chice as I was thinking off the top of my head.
    IMO a website should be able to be used in a class and appeal to kids. For me this is too 'basic' and google ad rich to really be a classroom resource.
    I am not suggesting it is poor overall, just (for me) could look far more professional, less cluttered and dynamic. I know my school would not really like the site on a whiteboard in a lesson.
  10. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    I agree with lots of the above.
    Some super content that is easy to use - good for you (and thanks for sharing).
    Thank you also for responding so positively to feedback (other posters have asked for feedback in the past and have then been very cross when they received some ...)
    Comic Sans looks very dated nowadays - I would choose a different sans serif font that is clean and modern.
    I didn't find the ads particularly intrusive. I think it is a good plan to have them either side. I was able to block them out and just focused on the content in the middle of the screen. When used in class it will depend which ads they are, though. I can imagine that if the smart phone one comes up on one side and the bubble-popping game on the other side then Yr 10 will be far more interested in talking about these than doing the Pythagoras question ...
    [As an aside - do Google Ads bring in much money? I appreciate that there is a cost to running a website and that it is perfectly reasonable to seek to defray those costs. Do Google Ads bring in money per page-load, or only for click-though? I know - I could google it, but it wants me to sign in before telling me.]
    Shape Shoot made me smile. If it asks you to click on a rectangle then clicking on the square doesn't work. Similarly, if asked for a kite the square doesn't work either...
    Thanks for the site - lots of good stuff.
  11. Thanks again for your feedback.

    I've changed the font to Arial for now, but I'm happy to try out other peoples suggestions.
    Unfortunately I made some of the old worksheets and all the past paper questions before I learned about style sheets so they won't be as quick to change.

    Lazard: Google adwords pays on a 'per click' basis. The ad's just about cover the hosting at the moment. Google ToS says I can't give more specific figures, sorry.

    As a side note about ad's: My school blocks them so I assume other schools will. White space is shown instead. This avoids the potential problem of iPhone ads disrupting work!

    Thanks for the suggestions about slicker design and graphics. I will try to make some improvements when I get time, but bare in mind I am no web designer!



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