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Please please Leavers assembly song needed...Yr 3 ASAP!

Discussion in 'Music' started by yr4yr5yr6yr7, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Desperately need !!!!
    a) Tear jerker
    b) Fun and upbeat to close

    For our yr3 leaver's assembly. I like believe and Mark and Helen Johnson 'Leavers Song' but have no time to order and get and teach!!!the song to the class, is there a link to buy individual songs by them? They are not on itunes. Anyways, I would love any help/links on this subject?!

    Thanks so much!
  2. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    Believe is on singup website, free to download.
    BBQ Blues or Sunshine in my heart on the same site are easy upbeat songs which would be good to finish with.
  3. thanks, I have already taught them BBQ Blues so should be easy!
  4. They have several great leavers assembly CDs.
    You can download them all for just £5.99 each. I’m afraid you can’t buy the
    individual songs, but for all that you get, a fiver is really great value –
    songs, backing tracks, ready-made leavers assemblies, PowerPoints, and tonnes more... Saves so much time and it’s a lot
    cheaper than any out of the ark stuff. The songs are really catchy and quick to
    learn. My class learnt the whole CD in a day. I&rsquo;d recommend </font>&lsquo;Moving
    On&rsquo; Leavers Assembly
    or &lsquo;Journey
    On&rsquo; Leavers Assembly .
    <font size="3" face="Calibri"> They&rsquo;ll love it!</font>

    Here&rsquo;s the link:
    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

  5. I agree, www.learn2soar.co.uk  is by far the best that I've come across in 20 years of teaching. Great value for money and the children really do enjoy the songs.
  6. I&rsquo;ve done the Mark Helen Johnson&rsquo;s Leavers song as mentioned
    above but it&rsquo;s a bit old now and has been done to death here in our school. It&rsquo;s
    on the Songs
    for every occasion
    CD for around &pound;25. You can&rsquo;t buy the songs individually.

    We&rsquo;ve also tried using some pop songs in the past. &lsquo;You&rsquo;ve
    got a friend in me&rsquo; from Toy story went particularly well last year.

    This year I too have just bought a learn2soar.co.uk leavers assembly and I
    must say I&rsquo;m VERY impressed. I went for their newest one: &lsquo;Racing
    leavers assembly cd&rsquo;. It&rsquo;s got an Olympics theme running through it, so
    it&rsquo;s probably more suited for 2012, but the songs are indeed very catchy and
    the pupils have responded well to them.

    I&rsquo;ve heard some colleagues in other schools talk about edgy productions. They do have lots of
    leavers assembly songs, but the prices are very OTT. &pound;34 for the CD + a &pound;20
    licence! Compared to &pound;5.99 + licence free at learn2soar, no brainer!
  7. Forgot to ask... Forgive my ignorance, but I've never heard of a yr3 leavers assembly before? How come they're leaving? I've obviously heard of yr 6 leaving primary for secondary and yr 11 leaving secondary school. Also heard of yr2 leavng infant for junior school, and yr4 leaving first school for middle school... But... Year3's? Can someone explain please? Sorry if I'm being thick.
  8. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter


    If you are not already sorted we can help.
    I am co-writer at Lucky Bucket Productions and we specialise in musicals for young performers. We also provide individual songs and our LEAVERS SONG fits your requirements. We can email the demo version, backing track and PDF sheet music for &pound;2 and that would include permission to perform the song on your school premises year after year! We only ask that you do not pass the song on to other schools but rather recommend us to them so they can order the music directly from us. If you are interested email contact@luckybucket.co.uk and we can send you everything you need to start teaching it on Monday morning! We invoice via email and the &pound;2 fee can be paid by BACS transfer or cheque. Let us know if we can help. Visit www.luckybucket.co.uk to find out more about us.

    All the best
  9. We always use Out of The Ark's 'Leavers song' to start our assembly as it's quite rousing. We then finish with an Edgy Productions farewell song from their levaers' productions, for the very reason that they are tear-jerkers. They've been very accommodating in the past and emailed us free songs when we grovelled! They also have free downloads on their website. Magic Parrot also have a range of leavers' songs which are reasonably priced, though not sure if available individually from their musical packs. It's probably a bit late now, but good luck.

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