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Please, please help - Under the Sea Topic

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Kirstos, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone
    I have just accepted a job as a Nursery Nurse (Primary Teacher Trained) and start on Monday. I need to plan for the topic of 'Under the Sea' with my group of 3-4 year olds. I have a few ideas but would welcome any more from anyone please, or the opportunity to glance at anyones planning.

    My email is: kirstos@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much in advance - please contact me if you need anything from me!
  2. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    Sorry no help but just wanted to say congrats on the new job :eek:) xx
  3. Hi just doing under the sea now great topic and children love it try and get hold of the following stories

    commotion in the ocean
    sharing a shell
    clumsy crab
    the fish who could wish
    smiley shark

    can send you some of my plans but they are for reception so they prob will be too hard

    have a great non fiction text on power point for use on white board again it might be too hard

  4. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Bexj- I am also doing this topic soon and would love to have a look at your plans and powerpoint. Thank you very much
  5. luckyluce

    luckyluce New commenter

  6. Pow


  7. hi you should all have 2 plans kuw and creative cant send powerpoint as it is far too huge cant upload to resources either -sorry hope the plans are of some use
  8. hi, sorry to be a pain but please could i have a copy as well


    thanks in advance x
  9. hi - there is a nice book called SECRET SEAHORSE and another good one called CLUMSY CRAB whaich are both lovely.

    Really big bright pics and lots of good stuff to come from it for activities.

    If you have a shelter or an area you can hang stuff down from, make an aquarium role play area. We used florist's ribbon which you can tear into long strands. We made the green into seaweed and the blue into swishy waves.

    Holiday catalogues have been good for cutting pics out of. Also, i got a beach themed relaxation cd on ebay for 99p which is an hour of lapping waves! I leave it on during the sesssion.

  10. I'm just teaching 'Commotion in the ocean' this week. Would love to see your plans.


  11. Hi,
    I am also doing under the sea topic this summer term. Can you also please email those plans that you have. Thanks in advance.

  12. tricky7

    tricky7 New commenter

    We are starting Under the Sea after half term so I wonder if I could have a look at the non fiction powerpoint as I am sure it would be very useful. Also the planning if someone has it

  13. If its not too much trouble, could I please have a copy of any plans/ideas. I would be very greatful, thanks very much.

  14. Hi bexj
    Am just starting the topic of under the sea aswell - could you possibly send me your plans? I would be very grateful!
    thank you sooo much in advance! x
  15. dear bex
    this is my first term in reception and it's great to find help through a great network. pls could you send me info on this undersea topic.
  16. hi maria
    did you receive info on the undersea topic? pls could you send it to me?
    thanks in advance.

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