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Please pass to RE teachers in Secondary: Urgent Survey

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Foxit, May 24, 2011.

  1. NEW RE in Ebacc survey. Please email,tweet, post, carrier pigeon to any RE teachers. ASAP.
    <h1>Urgent! New survey from NATRE about RE & EBacc</h1>The
    government&rsquo;s final decision about whether or not RE is included in the
    EBacc will be made in June! Meetings between NATRE and others with Nick
    Gibb, Schools Secretary, in recent days have made it clear that he
    requires yet more evidence to convince him not only that RE should be
    in the EBacc, but that there is a crisis in RE in many secondary schools
    as a result of the EBacc.
    So ... NATRE would like to ask all secondary RE teachers to complete an online survey to gather the data we need -
    Would you please:

    a) Circulate the link above to every secondary teacher of RE you know &ndash; and complete it yourself if appropriate

    b) Use all the local authority, diocesan or other networks you can to make sure the link reaches everybody

    c) Think creatively about how to spread the link &ndash; message boards (e.g. TES), Twitter, Facebook, school/la/diocesan websites, press contacts.

    NATRE had an absolutely magnificent response to their first survey
    back in January &ndash; 900 responses, and it made a significant impact. This
    second survey needs to be completed as a matter of urgency - it&rsquo;s our
    last chance to try and persuade the government to include RE in the

    Contact NATRE if you have any questions &ndash; and keep an eye on our websites for updates &ndash; www.natre.org.uk &ndash; and www.retoday.org.uk.


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