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Please help

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Faldamir12, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I have an interview next week for a HOF role to
    include another subject and need to give a presentation to governors
    outlining what my priorities would be and how this would be evidenced
    after a year in the role.

    My presentation is subdivided
    into my own subject, the secondary subject and then bringing the two
    together. Is this acceptable and can anyone offer any advice as to what
    else I could include in this presentation?

    Thanks and fingers crossed!

  2. Progress. Progress.Progress.[​IMG]
  3. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Thank you =)

    I have included this but a little stumped as to how to approach the question 'my priority would be...' There are several priorities for me if I am appointed to this post, I suppose it is just the case of picking the most important one?!?
  4. I would argue that a lot of the teaching techniques are interchangeable in Humanities.
    I would focus on something like Assessment for Learning and or/intervention strategies at both KS3 and KS4. But hard to say without knowing what kind of school you are applying to. Good Luck though - sooner you than me!
  5. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Leviosa - thank you.

    Forgive me for asking but...I have put down that my priority (well at first anyway) will be to review the departments under strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and areas where this could be compromised. From that it would be a case of building upon the successes etc and then I would give specific examples of each.

    Does this sound too vague or should it be more specific?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer
  6. fpno@another.com

    fpno@another.com New commenter

    For me priorities would be related to:
    Implementation of literacy
    Moderation of Assessment and setting up of intervention strategies
    A culture of sharing good practice
    Raising profile of faculty through your vision/focus weeks etc
    However, if I am interviewing you for this job and you repeat exactly what's above ....
    Good luck
  7. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter


    It was just to get an idea...I have since changed it and made it much more specific.

    Thank you for your advice.


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