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Please help with Year 5 Literacy Older Literature

Discussion in 'Primary' started by indiansunshine, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hey I am also starting Older Literature after half term, I have decided to go with 'The Ghost of Thomas Kempe' by Penelope Lively as that is the text that they use in 100 Literacy Lessons Scholastic.

    I want to incorporate a few more other texts tho maybe in guided reading/homework or for comparison but am getting a bit stuck !

  2. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    I'm doing Treasure Island, they really enjoyed it last year. If you search on here there are tonnes of links to some excellent planning.
  3. Zoot

    Zoot New commenter

    I have used 'The Secret Garden' for this unit and let the class watch the DVD first to get a good idea of the whole story. The main character Mary Lennox is ideal for discussing how the reader's idea of a character changes as the story progresses. I concentrated on letting the class analyse the chapter where Mary leaves her bedroom to find out where the crying is coming from. This is one of the best examples of how to build up suspense in writing that children can access at this age. I found the class were really engrossed in the DVD, even the boys and the writing outcomes were good. ( I found a cheap DVD on ebay).

  4. Please tell me where i can find these ideas and plans possibly. I have ofsted next week!!!

  5. Zoot

    Zoot New commenter

    As you probably already know there are no plans or ideas on the framework site for this unit of work so any number of books are suitable- I read the book 'The Secret Garden'and then chose the chapter where Mary goes off to search out who is crying to focus my lessons on. If ofsted are in next week, I would get the class to watch the dvd this week so you can start analysing the text when they are in. Perhaps at the start of the week you could get the class to underline all the writing devices used to create tension and suspense and then model the next part of the story yourself, ready for you class to continue writing part of the story practising using some of these writing devices:
    creating mood by describing senses, heart beating,
    use of questions
    powerful verbs
    description of sound and light
    short choppy sentences
    final sentence set on its own as a climax
    Hope this helps.
  6. A man, can I ask where you found this definition of older literature? Can't find any mention of this on the new framework, and I am hoping to use Just William stories.
  7. Hi. I'm just bumping this back to the top. As with others, I'm slightly confused as to what I can use for this unit. I saw the post about older literature being pre 1914, but we're doing WW2 after Easter and I wondered what your thoughts are on using something like Goodnight Mr Tom, Carrie's War or The Machine Gunners for the unit. I know they're books from the 70s so therefore nowhere near 1914, but I'd like to try and tie my literacy planning in with the topic, as that is very much the direction that we're going in at the moment. I see some people have used The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, which is a book from the 70s too.
  8. Hello! I'm new to all this but wondered if you could tell me which play or story you used? I have just started with a Year 5 class and have never taught this unit before. My topic this term is the Tudors so thought this would be a great choice.
  9. Sorry, i'm looking for anything on shakespeare.


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