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Please help with my QTLS workbook

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Cushi, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. lornamalton89

    lornamalton89 New commenter

    Hello i am due to submit mine in the next few days and have just been offered a job starting in September but i cannot start unless i pass my QTLS so i am a little on the stress side! Can you please help in what do i need to submit how many hours of CPD did you do? I am worried i have not got enough evidence on my reflection page questions 2) and 3) !!
  2. Has anyone reviewed their supporting statement and it's blank? My supporter spent 2 hours writing it, clicked the save and support button and now it's blank for both me and him. He can't rewrite it and I'm so worried as the deadline is in a couple of days. There is nothing in the guidance or FAQs about this.
  3. lornamalton89

    lornamalton89 New commenter

    hello! i sent my shared my workbooklet with my supporter but i was falling asleep last night and realised i have not put my certificate up for my GCSE English!! does anyone know if you can unshare? it says you can but will reset the asset??!! does that mean the whole booklet? has anyone had this issue ?????

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