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Please help with my QTLS workbook

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Cushi, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. taira_ali

    taira_ali New commenter

    Hi Can you please help me with the SWOT anaylysis
  2. lateesha27

    lateesha27 New commenter

    Hi, I done a SWOT analysis for Teaching resources a few years back. Not sure what your SWOT analysis is about or whether it will be helpful but i'll put what I wrote below:


    · Resources are colourful and attractive they are also mainly paper based which is easy to print

    · Activities usually involve working in groups which increases social skills

    · Videos used for lessons are engaging as subtitles are added for READ (VARK) learners

    · Some resources include student names in the activities , making them feel more involved

    · Showing stop watch on board to time activities allows students to manage their time carefully


    · Some students prefer to work alone which may affect their participation

    · Not all activities contain instructions

    · Difficult to monitor whether students to are paying attention to videos or going off task

    · VARK learners (Resources mainly cater for Visual/Audio/Reading learners)
    Need to cater for more kinesthetic students

    - Loading stop watch can be time consuming


    · Allow students to work alone if they feel uncomfortable or to pick their partners

    · Involve more role play/ active games for kinesthetic learners

    · Print in bigger and bolder text for learners who struggle with sight


    · Some students may not participate in role plays/ kinesthetic style activities

    · Use of stop watch may put some students under pressure resulting in them giving up

    · Some students may fall behind if unable to complete task within given time
  3. desafortunada24

    desafortunada24 New commenter

    Hi Laura, good morning,my name is Jacy I submit my review and they ask me for more evidence I don’t know if you can help me on that. Can I email to you?
  4. desafortunada24

    desafortunada24 New commenter

    Hi blakeich

    I receive this email from SET.

    Unfortunately your application for QTLS - Professional Formation has not yet met the requirements. The feedback from your reviewer, identifying the changes needed to meet the approval criteria, can be found in your QTLS - Professional Formation workbook, please click on the View Feedback button to access this.

    I don’t know if you can help me just to check my portfolio.

    Thank you
  5. kt2118

    kt2118 New commenter

    apperature can you help me? I don't know how to message you stanners7@ hot mail . com
  6. kt2118

    kt2118 New commenter

    can anyone offer support for qtls that has passed? any help greatly appreciated xxxxx
  7. tahira12

    tahira12 New commenter

    Hello Dear I am thinking to apply for qtls I have level 5 in education and level 2 English and maths. I am supper confused what is actually the process please if you can give me your email so that I can ask from you in detail every thing
  8. desafortunada24

    desafortunada24 New commenter

    Hi Cushi I need help with my portfolio can you please help?
  9. desafortunada24

    desafortunada24 New commenter

  10. josephgeorgekoranteng

    josephgeorgekoranteng New commenter

    It's all the sections full of 250-300 words only and attachment
    Is there any obs involved
  11. Fatima_latif

    Fatima_latif New commenter

    I have just started mine any help would be appreciated
  12. Fatima_latif

    Fatima_latif New commenter

    have you manages to complete your QTLS
  13. leighannebarham1989

    leighannebarham1989 New commenter

    @Aperture94 I have just started with my qtls workbook, if you could give any examples it would be such a help!
    Fatima_latif likes this.
  14. Fatima_latif

    Fatima_latif New commenter

    did you manage to complete QTLS?
    i am in a similar situation and really struggling with the workbook
  15. Fatima_latif

    Fatima_latif New commenter

    Hey, I have just started completing my workbook and in real need of some examples
    did you get any
  16. Lauren182

    Lauren182 New commenter

    Hi all,
    Sorry I am also late to this Party.
    I am in the process of starting my workbook for QTLS. I am in a school where I am the only person completing it.
    What have people uploaded as evidence for their motivation for complete QTLS?
    I have written the 200 words explaining this but I have no idea what I can upload to evidence this.
  17. hazellang

    hazellang New commenter

    I have just submitted my workbook.
    Does anyone know how long it takes to be moderated?
    Thanks in advance.
  18. farzanabegum_95

    farzanabegum_95 New commenter

    My deadline for this is next week, I have completed majority of it but I'm so unsure if any of it is right. any advice would be so sooo helpful!
  19. farzanabegum_95

    farzanabegum_95 New commenter


    I would really appreciate the help, my deadline for QTLS is next week and I have had no support. Its overwhelming, I have attempted most of but I am so uncertain about it all.
    any advice would be appreciated!
  20. natdav21

    natdav21 New commenter

    Can anyone give me some examples for subject specialist knowledge CPD activities?

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