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Please help with my QTLS workbook

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Cushi, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. biglindaloo

    biglindaloo New commenter

    Hi all just registered to do the QTLS I would be really grateful if anybody could help or advice me with the online workbook??
    warmest regards Linda x
  2. lateesha27

    lateesha27 New commenter

    Hi there,
    I'm a bit lost with my QTLS application. Would I be able to message you to ask for some examples of what to submit?
  3. lateesha27

    lateesha27 New commenter

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this and I have just six weeks to complete my workbook! I've finished the first two sections but I'm struggling to understand the type of evidence which is needed for the rest of it. The wording isn't very simple! I'd be grateful if anyone could message me with an example of what they submitted in their workbook.

    Much appreciated!
  4. Aperture94

    Aperture94 New commenter

    Absolutely, drop me a DM and I'll reply ASAP :)
  5. lateesha27

    lateesha27 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply Aperture94 ! I'm not sure how to DM on this forum. I googled it and it said that there should be a envelope icon next to your username but there isn't so I'm a bit stuck. Would you be able to DM me and I'll reply or give you my email? Sorry to be a pain! :confused:
    blakeich and Aperture94 like this.
  6. diprosje

    diprosje New commenter

    Hi Aperture94

    I hope you don't mind but I have also sent you a message regarding the QTLS examples. It appears to be that time of year again! Thanks in anticipation.
    Aperture94 likes this.
  7. Memoonax

    Memoonax New commenter

    Hi parki-parkinson

    I couldnt find how to private message u. Could u plz message me i need help with uploading workbook especially critical writing.
    Thank u in anticipation
  8. sue_tucker

    sue_tucker New commenter

  9. sue_tucker

    sue_tucker New commenter

    Please could you let me know how I also private message you,
  10. sue_tucker

    sue_tucker New commenter

    Good morning

    Did you manage to receive any examples of the QTLS critical writing or the workbook. Please could you share them with me. Thank you in advance. I could always let you have my email address, because I am struggling to send a private message on here.
  11. Pinkcat001

    Pinkcat001 New commenter

    I am just starting the QTLS process and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the amount I have to complete. I would welcome all advice and any examples anyone might have to offer me. I don’t appear to be able to privately message anyone so if you could let me know how can do this I would be extremely grateful.
  12. Aperture94

    Aperture94 New commenter

    @Memoonax @sue_tucker @helencchapman I have a generic QTLS help message that I have sent to some other TES users, I'll drop you a private message if I figure out how :)
  13. sue_tucker

    sue_tucker New commenter

    Thank you, I am truly grateful for any help.
    Aperture94 likes this.
  14. kat1601

    kat1601 New commenter

    Hi I have also just started my QTLS workbook and would like some ideas of what to produce. Also is there a time limit for completing the roles and responsibilities and the self assessment section? Thanks
  15. edesai

    edesai New commenter

    After 10 years of sitting on the fence, time to bite the bullet and get it done!

    Just paid to go down the QTLS Professional Formation route.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Example portfolios, guidance etc.
  16. edesai

    edesai New commenter

    I have just been on the SET site, wow, overwhelming, panic setting in, where do I start, what do I fill in...looks so confusing.

    Yes, a breakdown, example portfolio, guidance. I really could do with.
  17. yrazak123

    yrazak123 New commenter

    Hi Laura,

    I am suppose to submit my work on pebble pad. I am really struggling could you help please? I am not sure how to even start?
  18. yrazak123

    yrazak123 New commenter

    I am struggling massively too please can anyone help?
  19. yrazak123

    yrazak123 New commenter

  20. hanorah2003

    hanorah2003 New commenter

    Hi, I am just starting the process (QTLS) and would really appreciate any guidance. The breakdown that you mention, would be fab!. My e-mail address if it is more convenient: lmcloughlin2013@gmail.com.

    Thank you

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