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Please help with an interview presentation

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by hadron, May 14, 2011.

  1. Try to find the source of the research & see if they have specific reasons for this statement. Alternatively, propose your own reasons that the research may have concluded this & then talk about whether you consider it is a problem & if so, how you would address it as head of Y7.
  2. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    What do the statistics say about your school? Is it a lost year? Analyse why and don't just use the research to spout lots of statistics that are irrelevant.

    I would have thought that the interview panel will want to know what you can do. How can you buck the trend if it's happening?

    Does the school do testing on induction days? Is the fall off because the KS2 scores are over-inflated because of the narrowness of the curriculum in Y6?

    You could look at the stats that you have on your current Y7 and or Y8 to see if there are any patterns evident in your school, compare them to where they were at the start of Y7.

    Has your induction programme changed over the years or is it stayed the same? Does it need an overhaul?

    What can the curriculum leaders in the school do the improve the situation?

    Is there progression from schemes of learning in Y6 to Y7

    Is there a unified short SOL that could be covered in all your feeder primaries?

    Could you contact your feeder primaries and find out more details about abilities and pastoral circumstances of Y6?

    Find out what the alternatives are, e.g at my school we run a 'Core' system where Y7s are taught by their form tutors for approx 16 out of 25 lessons in the week. This has now been taken into Y8 with great success

    Your school may already being doing these things but these where just my first thoughts about your thread, I'm sure that there is lots more to add as well!

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