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Please help. What do u think? Is this my hormones or is this unfair?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by stress_head, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Hoping for a bit of advice, this situation is slowly driving me mad! I have recently told my school I am pregnant and I am really struggling with the morning sickenss, I have had 5 days off (not all togetther) so far and I am 13 weeks pregnant.
    I work in KS1 - we have a staright Rec, R/1, 1/2 and staright 2 class. SLT have decided it would be best for the children if all the year 2 children are taught together, meaning 35 year 2 children in my class.
    I have been given an extra TA to take a group of these year 2 children just for numeracy and literacy, SLT say I will therefore not actually have any more children in my class. But they are still expecting me to plan for all the children, mark and level all the work they do. Is this right?
    I know there are certain subjects in which more than 30 in an infant class is ok, but can anyone advise me on which subjects?
    To make matters worse, what was the year 1/2, now have just 18 year 1 children to teach. As the teacher of this class will have nothing to do with teaching the year 2 children I know I will be expected to write 35 reports at the end of the year also.
    Please advise?? I feel I am been given a lot more work to do with little extra support. Sorry for the moan in advance.
  2. It's not hormones.
    If you're 13 weeks gone you're probably planning to work up to the summer and you're not going to be able to cope with this.
    Do they know you're pregnant? You're going to have to sit down and have a sensible chat with them about how this is going to be managed.
    I hope someone else will come on this thread and suggestion some options for formal support should this be needed.

  3. Given the circumstances it seems sensible that you and the Y1 teacher should swap.[​IMG]
  4. Yeah school know I am pregnant.
    Funny you should mention swapping with year 1 teacher - my deputy mentioned this option but then took an about turn on it as she thought if I do have to have time off due to a bad pregnancy we would be messing around the year1 children as well as the year 2 children.
    Hope all this is making sense. I have already sat down with deputy and head and explain I feel this is to much for me to cope with as I am struggling to even get into school. They are 'concerned about my wellbeing' but still insist this happens.
    Can anyone advise on legal numbers of children I should be expected to plan for and teach for different subject areas?
  5. Contact your union.
    It may sound a bit drastic, but I had to phone my union during my return to work negotiations. They were BRILLIANT. They told me what to say and how to go about negotiating. They will know exactly how many children are allowed in your class and if what your school is doing is legally 'fair'. They will also be able to tell you what to say to help negotiate less children/change of class.
    I do think this is unfair and I found pregnancy hard with KS2 children, KS1 is much more physical.
    Good Luck
  6. I have considered contacting my Union but I am worried my school will find out. I know my school would give me such a hard time. A member of staff contacted the Union and it's like the SMT mission to 'get her out' now.
    Would the union just give advice? Would my school find out I had contacted them?
    This worry is not good for me!
  7. No the school will not find out. Make that very clear before you give any information to the union, that you are just ringing to get advice. They will not go any further without your say so.
    Don't worry, it will be okay! But you do need to sort this out asap. You'll feel better once the morming sickness goes away, then will hopefully have a few easier months, but will be very tired at the end of your pregnancy.
    I have tried to look at the statutory amount of children per infants class, but it isn't easy to find. Sorry.

  8. Thank you for your advice. I posted the same post on the 'workplace' dilemmas section and a man replied with a link to the actual guidance.
    I now know I should not be doing what is expected of me legally, just need to be brave and get it sorted out!
    Thank you
  9. I mean, I should not be doing what I am currently doing - it is not legal. Sorry, I blame the pregnancy brain on not making much sense!
  10. Good luck with it stress_head.
    The situation's been really dynamic over the last few weeks as you've been getting to grips with things and have been unwell and things have been changing at school, so it's not surprising things have unravelled a bit.
    Now is exactly the right time to be thinking through these things and trying to put in place a sensible plan which will work for you and the school.
    Let us know how you get on.[​IMG]

  11. I could be wrong but I thought it was illegal for class sizes in KS1 to be above 30 unless another fully qualified teacher (not TA) was present. At a previous school I'd worked at they had 35 Rec children in 2 classes so when the time came for them to move into Y1 they put the classes together and employed a 2nd teacher to meet the legal requirements.
  12. This doesn't necessarily address the stress situation directly, but this is a starting point:
    <h3>Infant classes</h3>
    For infant classes of five, six and seven year olds the number of pupils is normally limited by law to a maximum of 30.
    This is from this website: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Schoolslearninganddevelopment/ChoosingASchool/DG_4016309
    With that in mind, you should be able to approach the school and discuss this matter. You can then follow on from this, the stress it's putting you under. If they continue with this plan, then number one, i'm sure they are breaking the rules and number two, suggest that they swap you over. Surely they must understand that with the stress you're under, you could be more likely to have time off due to stress/illness as well as your normal hospital appointments etc and then that doesn't help their silly idea, so it makes sense to swap??
  13. Do the parents of the children know about this plan yet? I would be far from impressed to find out my LO was in class of 35, while there's only 17 next door. Will they all physically fit in the room?!
    Surely by some of these Yr 2s must be working at a Yr1 level, so couldn't other teacher plan, mark, (oh and teach) these children.
    Good Luck

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