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Please help - trying to direct 'Joseph'!!!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by resources4drama, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Remember that it is (intentionally) a show full of pastiches.

    Therefore really milk the Elvis, the Western etc numbers.
    Are cast all boys?

  2. joseph' is generally done with a main cast and a choir , who mostly sit but do things like hand jives - are you doing it like that? or will your choir be more of a chorus - singing and dancing?
    the choir music has some jolly high notes in it
    the pig of a song to learn is the colours one - you can divide the lyrics into groups to make it more manageable
    group 1: It was red and yellow and green and brown

    And scarlet and black and ochre and peach
    group 2: And ruby and olive and violet and fawn

    And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve
    etc - down to
    ALL: And blue!
    the potiphar song is also difficult wrt diction as it goes so quickly
    is it an everyone-takes-part or an auditioned production?
    because it's pastiche/surreal, it has the advantage of needing minimal scenery!
  3. oh - and also - the narrator has the hardest singing part, singing throughout the show with high and sustained notes and hardly needs to act
    the other main parts are not technically hard - they need decent, entertaining singers who can i act
    'canaan days' is supposed to be followed by an apache dance - well - depends on your dancers!

  4. I agree with resources4drama
    think about mickeytaking the musical genres
    visualise in cliches- the french cafe, the 1920's high society charlestons.
    pastiche is the word!
  5. I did Joseph last year and it was loads of fun. They learnt the songs first and then came together to choreograph. I worked through it chronologically and it worked well because they got used to running it through from the beginning doing a bit more for each rehearsal. I copied most of the dance moves from the Donny Osmond DVD and it helped the cast to watch this. There aren't many big dance numbers. I asked our gymnastics teacher to volunteer some students for Go Go Go Jo to do some flips which looked quite impressive and nicked some cheerleading moves for the Pharoah's song. I got the brothers to move around together as a group, they did the same actions most of the time. For Potipher I used some Lady Gaga influences for the dancers.
    We had 3 narrators and I dressed them the same, they shared the songs out but stayed on stage together all the time.
    For set I put stage blocks in a pyramid shape for Act one and wheeled a big pharoah on for Act 2.
    Good luck with it!

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