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Please help...The best way to hang material to create an inspiring library area?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Squidia, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Is anyone an expert at hanging material from the celing to create an interesting area? I thought about buying copious amounts of netting to create a chilled out area. But I need a step by step guide or even somewhere to start.

    Thank you in anticipation,

  2. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    we are not allowed to dangle due to the sensor/alarm system,however I have managed to create an interesting area outside by hanging a mosquito net (the type you have on a ring that goes over the bed)over a stage with a throne under it ...the children loved being the Queen! the net had a hoop at the top so just need a string to pull it up and attached to a balcony.
  3. MissMistoffelees

    MissMistoffelees New commenter

    We are the same in that we have to be very careful of what we hang up, plus the ceilings are really high so would be quite tricky anyway. Therefore I am getting a children's gazebo from Argos then will drape fabric on that to create a cosy book corner.
  4. Hi we staple voile to the wall then attach the other end to a piece of garden cane which we suspend from the ceiling invisible thread. Looks great!
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'm threading string through the ceiling tile frame and then attaching one of those round laundry sock hanger things. Then I have some long net curtains from IKEA (pair of curtains, 3m drop for £5) to peg on and flick over the low book shelves. Looks like it will be good to me, hopefully the children think so as well.
  6. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    we have hung by using ribbon and paper clips to fit on theh tiles. You can use lace, or order the coloured dangling silver and other shimmering stuff from ebay, its really cheap.. that works nicely. its not set our sensors off yet thank goodness x
  7. Hi
    my area of the room to develop is the book area and the social area. i bought a circled hoop that had pegs attached for about 99p and bought a large amount of material cheaply, cut a rectangled piece of the material and wrapped it round the hoop , so not to show the plastic, then from the remaining material i cut a small slit in the middle of it and placed it over the hook on the hoop, hung up the hoop and then pinned the sides off the material to the wall but high enough so the material cannot be pulled, it has a lovely calming effect and the children loved it, i did the same for the book corner bu placed sticky back hooks on the wall and tied the material back with ribbon. the children loved it .
    hope this helps
  8. cupcake76

    cupcake76 New commenter

    Love this idea! Will deffinately be trying this out. I've previously used a rope type netting rather than the fine stuff and this has also been great for suspending work from too. I have a few washing lines too that can be used to peg material to, however the cane with invisible cotton sounds great.
  9. pinknoodles

    pinknoodles Administrator

    You can buy a canopy net from ikea- I have one in my reading area, the kids love it! They also have a cute leaf that can be attached to the wall.

  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  11. Thank you very much for your fab ideas...i shall be trying a few out and see which suspends the fabric best.

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