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Please help! Student teacher in need of advice!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by chlobewan, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Please reply if there is anyone going through the same thing as what I am about to explain. I'm really depressed and losing all self confidence in my teaching - am getting to the point where I'm seriously considering giving up.
    I am currently in my main placement, half way through, and am going through bad observation after bad observation. The comments are always the same, my behaviour and class management, relationships and expectations of the children, and resource management are all good to very good but when it comes to my lessons there is something that always drags my mark down.
    I was told today by my mentor/class teacher that I'm boardering on a cause for concern because during observed lessons something always goes wrong. Common comments are that I didn't stick to my timings, my objectives are confused and plans are not effective in considering all possibilities.
    If anyone has any advice please please please help me, I'm really struggling to improve. Seems like no matter how hard I try I can't make these changes successfully.
    Thanks so much!

  2. I am an NQT I know how difficult ITT training can be.

    You said that you have been trying really hard, sometimes it help you take a step back and think about the problems. These are all things I have personally found helpful.

    Look at one target/issues at a time and focus on this in all lessons for a full week.

    Timings - Keep them on a large piece of paper so you can easily check where you are up to. Write down the actually time the activity should be started e.g. 10.05 activity 2. Put a count down timer on the IWB so both you and pupils know how long you have left. When talking class feedback say to pupils I will take answers from X numbers of pupils and stick to it. Write a list of activities on the board and get a pupil to be responsible for crossing it off when all the pupils are finished. Frequently remind pupils how many minutes they have left on an activity.

    For objective we use a key question e.g. What makes a good friend? and then I create a Must, Could, Should success criteria which can double as a plenary. For example Must be able to give 3 positive attributes of a friend. Check with your school/department before using this. Remember to check you can meet the LO through the activities.

    Have you asked your school mentor for advice on addressing these areas?

    Good luck
  3. Apologies. My paragraphs have disappeared.
  4. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    i can completely sympathise with what you are saying, I am also on my main placement and experiencing a similar situation.i reckon its something that most trainees prob go through tbh with you!
    My first placement went very well, and I was fortunate enough to have kids who were easy to control. however this placement it seems that no matter what i try i can't get certain kids to respect me (i need to toughen up and am spending hours focussing on this but still struggling).
    my observations are also starting to suffer, and although i always have a few strengths and positives, these are the same things that i have been consistently strong on throughout training. however the negatives are also the same each time and im worried that this appears as though im not trying to show progression and am not taking on all the advice i have been given.
    im also going to take the advice of focussing on my main targets each week and trying to implement these in my lesson earlier and then moving on to other things (in my case behaviour is my priority, and then confidently using APP throughout lessons).
    good luck, you are not alone x
  5. lisavicky

    lisavicky New commenter

    Have done all of the above and more! Gone from good to unsatisfactory and now after a bad illness have to re-do this term and will finish the course a term late. Been made very clear I have no chances left!
    What's keeping me going is a comment a fellow trainee said, 'Don't let them (tutors) fix your future!' Think of the worst teacher you've seen and you know you're better than that! So with those two bits of advice I'm going for it again.
    Keep on going regardless. Have a night off and put on a positive attitude, even if you don't feel it! We can keep each other going, good luck everyone

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