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Please help-stressed pgce student.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mims25, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hello, sorry to bother everyone.
    I'm about to start my second placement and have been given very little help from my school mentor in planning etc, I'm with year 1 and they've asked me to teach them about money and that's all I've been given . I don't know where to begin planning for this. The theme is based on 'The lighthouse keeper's lunch'. At the moment I feel like throwing in the towel. Thank you.
  2. I am sorry you are feeling so stressed. Placements can be really tiring and taxing but you will get through it. If you feel you are not getting enough support you could contact your uni for some planning advice.
    Have you been told what the children have learnt about money so far? Do they know what the coins look like? Do you know what their maths skills are like in general? e.g. do they know their number bonds to 10, can they add and subtract with objects or mentally? Has the teacher told you the objectives he/she would like you to cover?
    Sorry to bombard you with questions. I can definitely help once I know a bit more so please don't worry.
  3. Thank you so much for answering, not having a good day today. I had a look in their books and they've done a bit on money already so I'm assuming that they know what the coins look like. They're also aware of their number bonds to 10. The teacher hasn't told me what objectives he/she wants me to cover which doesn't help at all. Sorry to bother you with this, just totally stuck!
  4. Have you asked the teacher which unit and block they're on? That should then help you with the objectives. The children could work towards food problems e.g. the lighthouse keeper has 50p to spend on his lunch what can he buy? A drink 9p a sandwich is 5p, how much it it altogether? etc. Have pictures of food items with prices on and the chn have to use the right coins to buy them, LA could use 1p's while set HA the challenge of using as few coins as possible. You could do role play in a cafe where the light keeper is buying his lunch and they take it in turns buying items, giving change etc. Placement can be very stressful, you just have to put your all into it and think it's only for so many weeks. Good luck, hope you get some inspiration. Check out the resource section on here for ideas or websites like www.primaryresources.co.uk, www.ictgames.co.uk as well, that may help.
  5. I think the above poster has said the ideas that I would have given too! An open ended investigation to do with picnic food prices would be good.
    When I taught in y1 they loved playing shop so you could set up a shop in the lighthouse selling icecreams, drinks, rubber rings etc. Have all the pictures of the items labelled with price and give them a challenge so the play is directed e.g. how many items can you buy for 50p. Can you find the cheapest item and the most expensive item and add them together etc. This playing was always so worth while as they became more familiar with the coin faces and their worth. They also had to add and take away and they had to cooperate to do so. Just a thought is that you might need a shop on each table so their isn't too much of a queue!
    I would definitely second what midgit gem said about asking the teacher which unit and block they are on (if they still follow the blocks). If you do find out the objectives please post back on here so we can give more help.
    Pitch and expectations might be able to help you with what level to pitch questionning at http://teachingandlearningresources.org.uk/node/42831 Your school will probably have a hard copy of this too.
    In your mental oral starters I would definitely consolodate learning about what the coins look like, which is worth the most amount of money, which is the smallest in size? which is the smallest amount of money? etc. Year 1 forget things very easily!
    For some nice stories linked to money that you could do in your citizenship lessons or at the end of the school day have a look on here:
    You can register for free and you'll find lots of useful resources for your other lessons too.
    Good luck with the placement and please don't get too stressed.
  6. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    It sounds like the first objective in Unit A3 for Y1:
    Solve problems involving counting, adding, subtracting, doubling or
    halving in the context of numbers, measures or money, for example to
    'pay' and 'give change'

    Link attached to Maths Framework.

  7. Just a thought...check if they have coin fans at the school. They are like number fans but with the coins on them. They are good for starters so you can ask lots of questions like.
    Show me one of the silver coins.
    Show me the 5p coin.
    Show me the coin that is worth the most money.
    Show me the 2p coin.
    Show me the coin you most like to get for your pocket money. Tell me why.
  8. Sorry I meant to come back earlier than this and check how you were doing?
    How is it all going?

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