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Please help - stand up for herself? Or no legs to stand on?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by theedudicator, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I don't think people are being cynical here, I think they are being correct. There is definite manufacturing of evidence against her and she is definitely being pushed out. It happens a lot in schools, mostly because someone has taken a dislike to the teacher, but in this case it's safe to say it's because of money.

    She should definitely go to the union, although don't overestimate the amount of help they will be. They will simply ensure that all procedures have been followed, and won't be able to do anything if the SMT have been covering their backs properly. In usual circumstances I would say to find another job quickly, but that's probably not an option, so in this case I'd suggest hanging on to the job for dear life for as long as she can.

    What a very sad end to a long and productive career though. Disgusting.
  2. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    The nature of the Head's eventual 'feedback' - vagueness, delays and threats - are recognised bullying tactics. For him to behave in this way towards your mum is against the law. It is important that she not only consults her union but begins (if she hasn't already done so) to log incidents, keep copies of all emails etc sent to her and puts clarification of anything she is told into writing. ["Just writing to confirm that you have asked me to.../told me that..."]
    Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but it's as well to be warned and armed. When bullies behave in this way, they continue with patterns of well-documented behaviour. Poster a19pb has crted a number of threads that discuss the psychology of bullying behaviour. I believe he 'upped' his thread in this forum very recently so you'll find it just a few threads down, I think. It may be useful for both you and your mum to have a read of his threads. She may recognise her Head's behaviour in the threads and be better prepared for things he might try next.
  3. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    Absolutely to all of the above.

    There are always points to improve upon after every observation and the issue is that he isn't giving her anything in terms of feedback (written or otherwise) except for a curt email saying he will observe her next week because once again her lesson wasn't pacey enough. There has been no positives. This was for her "performance management" and I am concerned that due to lack of paperwork of any sort, that he has got the idea to find a cheaper replacement but without even following standard procedure.

    I looked at the department for education website and by law the school has to have a policy on performance management. I have told mum to get a copy of this by email today and send it to me. We just want something in place in case things take a more unpleasant turn for the worse.

    Two days after my grandmother died last year, he sent her an email about how terrible her reports were which reduced her to tears, which really highlights to me how insensitive he can be.

    I have told her to keep her chin up, prepare a knock out lesson for next week and take it all on the chin (easier said than done). I do feel that he is providing insufficient support for her to be able to improve upon her shortcomings as he sees them, and because he hasn't fed back to her, especially as this is her performance management, she's had no chance for a right to reply.

    Thanks again for putting this into perspective everyone. It's funny but in their anti bullying policy online it says that the head should lead by example and provide a caring positive atmosphere in the school. Oh how I laughed!

  4. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    Just a quick addendum-

    A2pb's threads have been very informative, and definitely have him down to a T. This does seem to be illegal, and I will also be looking into the DDA for her other situation, which I am wary of posting online. She's logged previous conversations with him last year. Conversation is probably the wrong word as they have been one-way rants from an angry small man. He's been at the school for 6 years or so. In that time he has nit-picked excessively.
  5. Chances are this will not be needed, however something happened to me (in the not too distant past) that wants we to give you this advice. Have your mum forward all relevant emails to a personal account, or download them onto a memory stick. Any files on the school system that my be relevant (including all planning) copy to a memory stick. Any files she may have that might prove useful - take home. If you have any communications with the HT - make copies and take home.record details of all conversations with any SMT. It seemingly doesn't happen often, but things can go missing...
  6. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    If your mum is covered by the Equality Act for a disability, her position is greatly strengthened. Have a look at the website of the Equality and Human Rights Commission's website.
  7. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    Yes, everything is being kept on records at home and thank you for the words of caution.

    Mum's health issue is covered by the DDA, and he is not helping to facilitate any of the changes that would make carrying out her day to day tasks more manageable and less painful physically.

    The time difference means I can Skype her about now, and I will mention everything you have all said, and see how she got on today at work.

    Thanks all,
  8. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    Your mum's employer has a statutory duty to make 'reasonable adjustments' to accommodate her disability. Section 39(5) of the Equality Act 2010. Section 20 states that this comprises 3 elements: she must not be put at a disadvantage compared to others; she must not be put at a disadvantage because of a physical feature; auxiliary aid must be provided if that is what is needed to avoid her being at a disadvantage.

    I suggest your mum does bot try to deal with the school rep. This is put of their experience. She needs to ring the regional office.

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