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Please help - Sorry it's a long post.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by JulesDH, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I just want to reiterate what Songbird recommended - cranberry juice! I had pylenephritus (kidney infection) which I got as a result of treating malaria. I was forever needing the loo but nothing ever rarely came out - and when it did it stung to *******! It was always worse during the night too. It got so serious that I went to A&E and they admitted me and was there for a week. This was 7 years ago, so everything alright now.

    But certainly can recommend cranberry juice - and Seven Seas Tonic (you can buy from Boots).

    OP - hope you feel better soon! :)
  2. Well the blood tests all came back as normal. The Doctor rang me and said that doesn't mean that there isn't an infection somewhere. Going back tomorrow. ALmost finished the cefalexin and feel no better, spent most of the last week in bed and have'bt been right for almost 6 weeks.
    I don't know what to do next, some friends have said go private and apporach a consultant myself.
    It makes me weaary :eek:(
  3. casper

    casper New commenter

    Hi Jules, best to go back tomorrow and see what your DR has to say. You need to impress on him/her how worried you are about all this and there needs be a solution.

    Let us kow how you get on. I hope you can get some sleep
  4. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Hi Jules, hope you will be feeling better soon, sending you lots of ((((((((((hugs)))))))) from the very north, where it is cold and windy!
    Take care,
    Jo xx
  5. casper

    casper New commenter

    HI Jules, heres hoping that you get some sense out of someone, this is all quite ridiculous. are you feeling any better?
  6. Hi Casper,
    Yo are very kind. The Doctor hadto admit that it's not norma and he's exhausted everything he can do.
    I'm into see the urogolist on Monday morning (private consultation fo £125!) Then my NHS scan has some through for that afternoon at aother hospital; the results of this take 10 days!
    However if Mr specilaist says I need a scan Monday morning I can pay and get the results immediately(£92 for one scan and £202 for a more thorough one)

    I feel wiped out, can't open the heavy doors at the Doctors, I want to wee al the time but often not much appears and I'm leaky which is not good aged 33 and I haven't had any children to stress the bladder.
    The tiredness I get is almost like I'm blacking out, it's overwhelming. My adbomen is tender, as though I've been winded. Very odd but I feel happier knowing that something is going to be done on Monday.
    It's amazing what money can do isn't it? My parents want to pay because they feel so helpless.
    Off to have more water.
  7. casper

    casper New commenter

    Jules, great to hear that at last something is being done. I was attacked and had to have treatment for PTSD, there was apparently a two year wait on the NHS so i had to go privately. The first appointment was £125 for an hour to assess me and then £100 per hour after that. I needed to go weekly at one point.

    I did however get the help i needed after I had been asking an d asking desperately for help as I knew the symptoms I was having were not just shock. The instant relief I got because I was getting some help was huge. Before that I was in a horrible fog.

    Anyway enough of me waffling on be kind to yourself until Monday. I am away for the weekend, around tomorrow. I hope you can get some rest- hot water bottle adn a good book?
  8. Hello Casper,
    I am sorry you had to battle, it's the last thing we feel like doing when we feel rotten and vulnerable. YOu have given me hope that I can get it sorted if I persist.
    Have a lovely weekend and thank oyu for sharing.
  9. hope you get some answers on monday jules. only 10 more days till my operation, thank goodness. rather than a hot water bottle i have one of those things filled with wheat that you put in the microwave for 2 minutes (mine is actually shaped as a seal as i love them!). much more convenient and shapes around your tummy better than a bottle. x
  10. Hi Kesunder, how are you getting on? I wondered if I should persist with heat in case it was making me worse. I have not used the ho****er bottled for a couple of days though and it's no different. I have a wheat pack somewhere but can't find it, I had 2 but one burst.
    I'm sooooooooo tired. :eek:(
  11. i find that the heat helps ease the pain (while it is on my tummy at least), but if it's not helping then maybe it's not good for you. sammy seal comes everywhere with me at the moment!!i am bored, bored, bored....have decided to purchase a Nintendo DS Lite to keep me amused. going for pre operation stuff at the hosptial tomorrow so at least things are moving at last!!let us know how you get on on monday x
  12. A quick update before I go to sleep.....
    Been to have reflexology this morning (was very worried because I am extremely tickleish but it was not at all tickley.......)

    She identified issues with my bladder, urethra, right ovary and said my adrenal gland is not functioning well which is the reason I'm so exhausted.
    She didn't notice anything wrong with kidneys. It was a lovely thing to have and I feel she has identified te areas that are causing me probs.

    Anyone else tried this wonderful therapy?
  13. glad that you felt it helped, at least someone has an idea what is wrong with you! hopefully these will be proved right on monday.
  14. hope you finally got some answers today julesDH.
  15. Hi Kesunder,
    Back home now and having a rest. He diagnosed 'Overactive and irritable bladder' Scan showed my bladder isbn't very stretchy because despite taking in 2 pints of water there wasn't enough in my bladder to complete the scan, she said on 50ml was in there! SO I had to have the internal wand thing to finish the gyne bit of the scan. She said all looks fine but possibly some smally cysts on right ovary (one to the reflexologist!)
    Got to see the GP tonight and give him a letter form consultant for some pills. I then go and see consultant in 6 weeks time.
    I feel my mind has been put at rest. Thank oyu so much for the support here folks. You're all very kind.
    Fingers crossed it will improve soon.
  16. casper

    casper New commenter

    great to hear that at last you have some news and thatsomething is being done.
  17. so glad you have finally had some joy and got a diagnosis. fingers crossed you start feeling better now. x
    a week today i will have been cut open and appendix removed!
  18. Jules
    I'm just after coming across this thread and the symptoms you were experiencing sound so familiar to me. I've had 3 utis in the last 6 months but after each one the symptoms never really seem to disappear especially the feeling of constantly needing the loo. My GP doesn't really know what's going on but has sent a second referral letter through to urology so I'm going to ring them as the waiting list was months when the first refrerral was sent. If that's still the case then I'll have to pay for a private apt as there's no way I can cope with this for months on end. I just feel so washed out and drained at the moment.
    I hope your symptoms have settled but I'd be interested to hear how things turned out for you.
    T n T

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