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Discussion in 'Personal' started by magmac, May 2, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know of a cure for snoring please before there is a divorce in our family!!??
    Any suggestions that have worked would be very welcome!
    Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know of a cure for snoring please before there is a divorce in our family!!??
    Any suggestions that have worked would be very welcome!
    Thank you!
  3. Good luck on the campsite...watch out for the early morning lynch mob. :¬))

    If it is a throat snore, Boots do a pack of film squares that dissolve on the tongue...worked for me...not that I snore. :¬))
  4. I've sharpened my elbows. This has helped to stop some of my husband's snoring, a well-placed nudge does the trick nicely.
    When his snoring persists I resort to pushing him over onto his side and telling him to shut the heck up.
    Quite honestly, I haven't had a full nights sleep for months because of his industrial scale snoring so I hope that someone gives a suggestion that might help me too!
    I don't think the melty tablets will work on him though, his snore isn't simply a throat snore but also a nose, chest, whole body snore. Truly terrifying to hear[​IMG]
  5. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    I just turn over very heavily and that makes my OH turn over!!
  6. This may help to diagnose why your partner is snoring...


    However, despite me now knowing WHY my partner snores, he refuses to try any of the solutions! So as a fellow sufferer, you have my sympathies!
  7. Shifter swears by an anti-snoring acupressure ring. You can get them on Ebay. I have bought one, I don't know why, really...
  8. I bought one of the rings for my husband - it didn't work!! Only thing that works with him so far is when he sleeps on his front - but he complains that isn't comfortable and he can't sleep.Too bad. It's comfortable for me and i can sleep [​IMG]
  9. Thank you for your replies. Will try the Boots cure first.
    Sorry to say but it is not my OH who has the problem but me!!
    It has only become a problem in recent months and I hate it, I dread going to sleep!! I am so embarrassed!!
  10. I also found that when I hit a certain weight, I snored. When I lost a few pounds, I stopped snoring .
  11. If it's only just started, perhaps it's worth having a chat with your GP in case there's something he/she can suggest?
    I know my husband's snoring is due to him being overweight and drinking too much alcohol. He won't do anything about it which is really blinkin' selfish, I reckon. Grrrr!
  12. Thanks Poem. I am not overweight and yes the snoring is worse after a few glasses of wine. I am loathe to go to my GP as I am so embarrassed!!
  13. THink what a relief it will be for the doc to discuss snoring and not bits and pieces.
  14. Ah, don't be embarrassed! I'm sure you won't be the first or last to go because of snoring and given some of the things GPs have to do it's way down the scale for embarrassment.
  15. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Ear plugs or separate beds?
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Separate beds is a dead posh solution. I'm a snorer and have often woken myself up during my more flamboyant apnoeiac moments. Unfortunately, I've also woken up mr inky, who says he quite likes my normal gentle snore - as I like his.
    We don't sleep together during the week but, ooh, the weekends are so romantic...
  17. MrL's mega-decibel snoring doesn't distub me during the week when I'm up early so drop off fairly quickly but at the weekends it drives me mad. He starts almost as soon as his head hits the pillow and it just gets louder and louder. How does it not wake him up?
    It's a combination of a slack palate and dodgy sinuses, all of which he denies, despite annual awful bouts of congestion and sinusitis. He's not overweight and he doesn't drink much but he is always tired because sooner or later the snoring hits such a pitch that he just stops breathing altogether and wakes right up.
    Wouldn't you think he'd see a doctor? "No wonder the NHS is broke."
    If I have one bad night listening to it, I spend the next three in the spare room.
    I hope your partner is more considerate.

  18. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    There are these wonderful things you can buy now. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be bought at any store with a soft furnishings department, and they fit over any kind of snoring face. You just press down - very hard - until the noise stops.
    As I'm rather fond of Mr BB, however, I have resorted to silicone earplugs.
  19. Lol. Can you use these only once or are they re-usable?
  20. myweedyallotment

    myweedyallotment New commenter

    Goats milk.
    Get the offending snorer to change to goats milk instead of cows milk. Worked a treat for a member of my family.

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