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Please help - query about many jobs advertised today by a school in China

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ruthwill500, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Open a Bank of China account if you dont already have one, then you can use 1000s of ATMs world wide. Then have the money paided inro your new account. That way you should be able to draw the majority of you pay out of the bank. In the UK I was able to draw 300GBP/day out of a Barclays ATM.

    The BoC account will only close after 6months of you not using it in China.

    Also start legal action in China while you still have your visa an residency, once you start a case it can continue without you been in the country.
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Please, february31st! The money will be "paided" into your new account? Without you "been" in the country?
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  3. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    @the hippo..........you fail the job as editor..........please........

    What about: don't, into (not inro), your (not you) pay, Barclays', and (not an residency).

    The joys of fast typing.

    @february31st, as always, your comments are sage and on the money. Thanks.
  4. ruthwill500

    ruthwill500 New commenter

    Is there any news from the outgoing staff at 6 Letter school and how they have survived? Has anyone here (reading) taken a position at the school and what sort of promises have been made to them? How has the school justified the horrors of the 2017/18 academic year? Has the UK partner school stepped up in any way to support the teachers? Any acknowledgement of wrongdoing or apologies?
  5. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    @ february31st ......"Also start legal action in China while you still have your visa an residency, once you start a case it can continue without you been in the country."

    It is my understanding that the Empress Dowager and her acolyte Englishmen are now offering the all departing outgoing Six Letter School international staff a brilliant plan for repatriating their July and August payroll, after the staff have left the country. Firstly, the Hopeless International Kingdom Sad Values School will pay into each staff member's bank account. Then, the school invites the staff to transfer their money back to an account in the name of the Empress Dowager and/or her son, the Prince Irrelevant. And then, after these staff provide their personal overseas bank account details, the two school owners will send the funds to each staff member overseas. No further details provided. The SLT from the Sad Values School - in a county rhymes with Bent an hour south of London - has wholeheartedly endorsed this idea, in the vein of their prior resounding endorsement of their prior proposals (WeChat, Alipay, something and something else) which were all proven unworkable.

    Has anyone else experienced such a plan? How many other international schools in China simply pay directly into overseas bank accounts? How many international schools pay the staff their salary upfront before leaving the country? After enduring a year of extraordinary upheaval and contempt for Chinese Labor Law, and a year of complete silence and inaction from the Sad Values School, why should the international staff suddenly trust this latest plan?
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
  6. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Whats to stop the school doing what my school does to leaving members of staff, just pay July+August salary on 20th June. This allows staff to transfer money to the UK or draw it out in cash.
  7. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Pretty certain our salaries were paid directly into a nominated bank account overseas. I seem to remember not getting a great rate of exchange, but there were no other issues.

    The bank in China also gave us forms to sign in advance to name a day for closure of account, at which point all remaining funds were transferred to our nominated overseas account. I kept my Chinese account open all summer as it was better for me to use my Chinese account and then it was closed automatically on August 31st. The transfer of funds arrived no problem, so even if our school hadn't arranged to pay our final salaries into an overseas account it would have worked out fine via the bank.
  8. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    It is extremely difficult for a school to transfer rmb into foriegn banks and many trivial details can stop the process. The simplest plan is to have the rmb paid into a Chinese bank and let the soon to be ex-teachers make the transfer themselves.

    The directors of this sad school have failed to keep promises so far, why change their mode of operations now. Once you leave Tianjin it will be impossible to chase the school for payments.
  9. rideemcowboy

    rideemcowboy New commenter

    I have been following this thread for a number of months and have been intrigued by the details as they unfold. Clearly, there will be more to come as the new staff and Headmaster transition into the school next August. I am aware of the English school and believe it to be an institution of good standing within its community. This being their first venture into the franchise game, they have a great deal to learn, especially in the complex world of dealing with Chinese owners. It would seem they are being taken total advantage of; one assumes that they have installed blinkers on the school board and Headmaster. After such a disastrous year they must be aware of just how compromised they have become but are hoping beyond hope that the situation will turn eventually. Too bad they have shown no regard for the International and local teachers and created so many victims in their attempt to reap the rewards from what must have, at one stage, seemed a great idea to extend the school's good name and a significant financial windfall.
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  10. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I can only remember one international school losing its rent-a-name. A school in Phuket lost its none shinning name that moved to China straight after.
  11. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    @rideemcowboy "This being their first venture into the franchise game, they have a great deal to learn, especially in the complex world of dealing with Chinese owners."

    I think it would be fair to say that the church organist Head of School, from the Sad Values School in a county rhymes with Bent an hour south of London, has maybe hit the wrong chord. Perhaps playing with unscrupulous Chinese tycoons is more difficult than playing his pipe organ.
  12. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Maybe a none working ear in England is listening to the complaints comming from Tianjin. Maybe the ear is blocked with 6,000,000rmb of cash for the rent of its name.
  13. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    A very interesting point in law, is a school in the UK responsible for "franchise" workers in the rent-a-name schools around the world?

    A short answer to this is could beYES.

    The first step is to ask the school in the UK for a copy of the Franchise agreement, you may need a solicitor to do the asking.

    What you are looking for are the two sections labeled Grievance Procedures and Legal Responsibility of Franchise Holder.

    Also ask for all correspondence between the school in the UK and the rent-a-name school with regard to breach of contract and the actions carried out by the UK school.

    If the school in the UK is knowingly allowing its franchise to act illegally then it can be held responsible under UK law.
  14. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

  15. snitzelvonkrumm

    snitzelvonkrumm Occasional commenter

    The above information is much appreciated and indeed provides food for thought/action. I am currently considering the enablement of a power of attorney with a recommended lawyer in China so that I have some recourse locally once I have left. However, the greatest disappointment has been the total lack of support and compassion from the UK school. They were the ones who employed us. They were the ones who made all the promises. They were the ones who totally misled us. They were the ones who washed their hand of any responsibility but kept their pockets well and truly open. They are the ones who claim to have high standards in creating caring communities. They can see the problems but refuse to acknowledge them. As alumni of the school, they are very much aware of the history, the calibre, levels of integrity, the intellect, the exaggerations and the honesty of the young CoG.
    I really do wish the school well but those with responsibility, meaning those with the ability be responsible, really do need to stand up and do what is right for the children and their families, and their reputations as educators.
  16. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    All the teachers from the school should join together and pay for legal action in the UK. Get a solicitor to send a letter to the school saying you are demanding 10000GBP each as damages and will take this to court if necessary. If the school doesn't pay within 28 days legal action 8 7may follow.

    It sounds like from what I have heard the UK school has put itself into a position of legal responsibility for the situation in Tianjin by its actions in recruiting and preparing staff to work in China. I dont know any othere UK school that does this for their franchise in China, they keep at least 2 barge poll distance from they at all times.

    Then see what the response is from the school. So gather all the evidence from the school in the UK, letters, emails, agenda and conversations with UK staff.

    Is the school in the UK doing the same as it did last year by helping to recruiting staff for the school in Tianjin? If not, why not?
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
  17. rideemcowboy

    rideemcowboy New commenter

    Great comments from february31st. Wishing the departing team renewed faith in their new schools.
    ruthwill500 likes this.
  18. snitzelvonkrumm

    snitzelvonkrumm Occasional commenter

    Counting the days, oh so slowly. Not so easy when seeing posts from others who are flying home already or sitting on a beach.
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  19. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    Hey Schnitzeldog......
    You must be starting to dream about pisco sour, alfajores and the incredible aroma of burning meat on the South American barbeque pits........
    Just don't spend let your mind wander to the sultry flinging skirts of the Tango beat.......
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  20. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    @ruthwill500 You can breathe a million sighs of relief that you did not get trapped into a nightmare that promises to deepen in rancour between owners and the unsuspecting new foreign recruits.....Here is the latest wisdom of the Empress Dowager overlady of the infamous Six Letter Hopeless International Kingdom Sad Values School in Tianjin..
    • foreign teachers are no longer permitted to receive personal mail or packages at the school address
    What is that? Have you ever worked in an international school anywhere where policy strictly disallowed personal mail to be sent to the school address?

    Further, the current international headmaster has now notified all fleeing international staff that
    • "The school do not want staff to announce the termination of their contract to the children, (the current international head in Tianjin) has spoken with the UK Sad Values School Head of School (from the county rhymes with Bent an hour south of London) .... about (his) own situation and (the UK Sad Values School Head of School) understands the cultural differences and respects the (Six Letter) schools wishes."
    The children are already often asking when will the previously departed SLT and teachers come back. However, on Friday June 29, the shadows of fleeing international staff will pass through the Six Letter gates for the last time. They are not permitted to say goodbye to parents or children. Is this really somehow culturally the norm in China?
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