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Please Help! PGCE PCE Interview

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by littlefoot1989, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Ive been having a read through the forums and found some of the information really helpful, however I was wondering if anyone could help me further. I was just after some advice from people in the know. :)
    I have an interview at Portsmouth Uni this month for a place on a PGCE post-compulsory Education course as I have a degree in film studies and am hoping to teach this subject or others suited to my degree.
    I have a literacy and numeracy test, which im a little concerned about because you always forget the basis, but my biggest concern is a presentation I have to preform in front of the other applicants.
    Because my degree is in Film, I am assuming that I have to relate the following question to Film only, however it may just be me but im really struggling with what on earth I should be writing about/putting on a ppt/bringing in as evidence of findings.
    The question is as follows... Explain how your skills, knowledge and experiences can be applied to the qualifications in your subject area in the post-compulsory education sector. And include a discussion on the range of examining bodies and their syllabuses, ie. AQA, EDExcell, OCR and BTEC.
    As far as I know only WJEC do film studies?
    I really would like to suceed at this and any help/advice from anyone would be grately appreciated.

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